Elegant Burgundy Wedding by Heather Stevenson

Heather Stevenson, decor specialist/owner of Wedding Belles Decor, was appointed the task of transforming a community center in the small town of Pakenham, Ontario into a beautiful wedding space. The happy bride and groom, Tara and Jason, were long time sweethearts, and the community center held sentimental value for both of their families. Throughout the years, […]

Peacock Quinceanera Inspiration

Looking to give your Quinceanera a truly unique look? Try a peacock color palette! Your Quinceanera colors make a huge difference in the way your big day will look. Many Quinces choose bright, vibrant colors like turquoise or fuchsia, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box for when thinking of Quinceanera color palette ideas. Why […]

LinenTablecloth Wedding Planners Spotlight: Tiffany Schroeder

What are the ingredients of a beautiful wedding? Lavish decor? Great food? For Michelle and Bryce, the main ingredient was family. The newlyweds have 5 beautiful children, and having their children in the reception was an absolute must! The couple’s wedding planner, photographer, and friend, Tiffany Schroeder, put the wedding together for roughly $4,000. And […]