Shantung Silk is HERE!

Shantung silk has arrived at LinenTablecloth and we’re crazy about it. Our Shantung silk is seamless, smooth, and perfect for your elegant wedding or special event. Shantung silk is named after its place of origin, Shandong, China. It is spun from the wild silk worm and is stronger, more durable, and resists wrinkles and creases […]

Blogger Feature: Our Favorite Wedding Movies!

Between all the excitement and stress of planning a wedding, it’s nice to pour yourself and your hubby-to-be or your future bridesmaids a glass of wine (a little extra in your glass though, obviously– we won’t tell anyone), relax, and enjoy a good wedding movie. I mean, you need a little perspective, right? Although these […]

DIY Friday: Chalkboard Charger Plates

Did you know there is more than one way to use a charger plate? Try to contain your shock. From mirrors, to chalkboards, to unique decor, charger plates are now more versatile than ever. Today for DIYFriday, we show you how to use chalkboard paint (best invention ever by the way) to turn your charger plates into […]