Love is Sweet Valentine’s Day Tablescape

 As promised, a sparkling sequin Valentine’s Day tablescape! For each of our Valentine’s themed designs, we’ve tried to showcase different color palette possibilities, and this week we chose a combination of blush pink, eggplant, lavender, and silver, creating a cute tablescape we’re calling our Love is Sweet Valentine’s Day Tablescape. We really wanted to show […]

Winter Moonlight Color Palette

 This week we wanted to take a break from the Valentine’s reds and pinks that are so prominent this time of year. Although we’ll be back with more romantic tablescapes and palettes with those colors, this week we wanted to celebrate what remains of winter. For anyone planning a wintertime event, our gorgeous Winter Moonlight […]

17 Wedding Send Off Ideas We Love

With traditional rice throwing fading away as the go-to option for wedding send offs, we wanted to compile a list of creative non-traditional alternatives. Below you’ll find 17 fabulously unique options for creating a memorable wedding send off that you and guests are sure to remember. 1. Flowers and Petals Ruffled While this may seem […]

Sophisticated Sparkle Valentine’s Day Tablescape

 We’re enamored with Valentine’s day colors! We have such beautiful colors and products that simply scream romance that we couldn’t resist using our red pintuck overlays to create what we’re thinking of as the Sophisticated Sparkle Valentine’s Day Tablescape. While our Red Rose Valentine’s day tablescape was rich with reds, its decor had a playful […]

14 Paper Straw Crafts We Adore

After yesterday’s DIY cookie party favor post, we were determined to discover more uses for our adorable paper straws. Paper straws come in such a wide variety of cute colors and eye-catching patterns that we knew there were creative DIY crafters out there who were finding ways to make inexpensive paper straws into inexpensively beautiful […]