From “My” Wedding to “Our” Wedding

There’s nothing more exciting than that moment your man finally decides to take the plunge—getting down on one knee and asking, hopefully, through trembling lips, “will you marry me?” I hope this question steals the breath from your body, and maybe causes you to faint out of sheer elation. After recovering from your love-spill and […]

LinenTablecloth New Products Poll

At LinenTablecloth, we’re always looking to acquire the latest in trending banquet-style linens. But to find out what’s hot and what’s not, we need your input! Will you help us out with our new products poll? Here are four new products we’re deciding on whether or not to include in our catalog. We need you […]

Wholesale Restaurant Tablecloths

Wholesale Restaurant Tablecloths What makes a restaurant stand out to a customer? Sure, the quality of  food and service are the two biggest components, but atmosphere is a greatly understated part of any sit-down dining experience. Whether your business is a fine, upscale establishment for fine dining or a trendy, low-key spot to grab some drinks, […]