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What is a Gift Registry?

A Gift Registry is a nifty little tool that allows a soon-to-be-married couple to set up a wish list for everyone to see. Brides and grooms would send the location, as well as an invitation to the Gift Registry, via email to anyone they want. The recipients can then access the Gift Registry and see exactly what the couple want or need so they can make decisions on their gifts!

Our gift registry is geared toward helping pay for the wedding itself. Any bride (or even a groom!) can set up a Gift Registry at LinenTablecloth.com that asks for specific items from our company. Any product on our site can be added to your list, and any person that has an email address (that's a lot of people!) can be invited to pitch in. So be sure to take full advantage of it, your pocket books will thank you!


Create a Gift Registry

First things first, you must be logged into your account in order to create a Gift Registry entry. If you do not have an account, you can create an account here. Once you are logged in, go to the My Account page and then click on Gift Registry in the menu on the left. Click Add New to setup your event.


Adding Items to Your Gift Registry

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Now that your Gift Registry is set up and ready to go, you'll need to add items to your entry. You can add items by placing products in your cart and then sending them to your Gift Registry entry. Simply add items to your cart and you'll see an option at the top of the page that will allow you to add your entire cart to your Gift Registry entry.



Optionally, you can add items to your gift registry by using the wishlist.  Add the desired items to your wishlist by going to the product and selecting “Add to wishlist.”  Then go to your wishlist, select which gift registry you’d like to add them to, and you’re done.  It’s that simple!


Purchase from a Gift Registry

Now that you've got your list of items, simply send out invites with a link to your entry and let everyone else pay for your stuff. It's that easy! There's also the option of having guests search your name or registry ID number on the Gift Registry Search page. The greatest part is that anyone purchasing for a Gift Registry entry is not required to have an account!