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Lowest Price Guaranteed!

What is the Lowest Price Guarantee(LPG)?

Lowest Price Guaranteed (or LPG for short) is LinenTablecloth.com's personal promise that you're getting the lowest possible price for any item on our website. If anywhere else on the internet you find a product of identical or comparable specifications* with a better order total than ours, and you provide proper verification, we will beat that competitor's price by 5% on the spot. This includes sales and promotional prices**, but does not include coupon pricing, special pricing or rental prices***.

What do you mean by "Order Total?"

The order total is the final price that you would pay for something after tax and shipping costs are calculated and added. For example, let's say you're thinking of buying a certain product from one of our competitors. The price on this product is $9 and you buy 10. With $90 already racked up, they then tack on an extra $20 for shipping costs for an order total of $110. Now let's say we offer the same product for $10, but at the same time we offer free shipping, bringing the order total for 10 of this item to $100. In this case, we beat our competitors order total and LPG would not take effect.

How do I use LPG?

It's very easy to use: if you ever come across a competitor that offers a product similar to one of ours, but at a lower price, simply call our customer service department at 877-835-5617 or email us at support@linentablecloth.com. The representative will request proof of your claim in the form of a live link to the internet retailer that is offering the product in question so that they can verify the product to be lower priced than our own. You may not submit a screenshot as proof of your claim - the link must be live and the price must be current. We will not price offer the LPG for past sales/discounts. Once the representative has verified that the product is similar to and lower priced than our own, they will honor our LPG and adjust the price to be 5% below the lowest price available to beat the competitor right then and there!

*Products must be identical or comparable in specifications. Due to the high quality of our standard banquet tablecloths and cotton-feel banquet tablecloths, THE ONLY PLAIN POLYESTER TABLECLOTHS WE ARE ABLE TO GUARANTEE THE LOWEST PRICES ON ARE THE ECONOMY POLYESTER TABLECLOTHS as they are the only tablecloths we sell that are directly comparable to the quality of our competitors. Material and size must be identical, and color must be extremely close and no more than a few shades off.

**Sales and promotional pricing are prices that are set by the merchant. These prices are viewable and available to all customers and are not independent specialized pricing.

***Coupons and special pricing are not openly available to all customers. These are singular or "special group" offers that LinenTablecloth.com does not honor with LPG. Our LPG policy only applies to prices that are viewable and usable by the public and are readily available to customers. LPG does not apply to rental prices, only retail purchase prices.