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6 ft. Rectangular Stretch Tablecloth Red Zoom

6 ft. Rectangular Stretch Tablecloth Red

  • Easy laundering in your home washing machine- no ironing needed

  • Stretch tablecloths feature 3 inch table leg pockets to keep tablecloth in place

  • Stylish serged hem 

  • Measures 72 in. x 30 in. x 30 in. to fit a standard 6 ft. banquet table

  • Made from stain and wrinkle resistant 100% polyester stretch material

This item is available for rent at $17.38. Out of stock items are not available to rent. 
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6 ft. Rectangular Stretch Tablecloth Red
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Product Description


Comparable to spandex, our collection of stretch tablecloths provides rectangular banquet tables with the perfect fit. Offering remarkable elasticity, stretch table linens are ideal for covering display tables at trade shows, weddings, and corporate events, as the sleek, clean lines subtly guide the eye to the tabletop display. Each 6 foot rectangular red stretch tablecloth features 3 inch table leg inserts for keeping the tablecloth securely in place, and is 100% machine washable--just wash rectangle tablecloths with cold water and household detergent.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 6FREC-090135
Product Grade Basics
Material Stretch
Material Blend 100% Polyester
Care Instructions Visit our Care Instructions page for more information.


These were PERFECTReview by Kristen

I ordered these for my son's 2nd birthday party sweets table and I was really impressed with them. They were a big hit and perfect! I always have a great experience when shopping with linen table cloth!!!

(Posted on 11/18/15)

I been meaning to leave a review about my order since the event in December unfortunately 4 days after the party I was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained injuries which have me currently out of commission and with my broken arm its rather difficult to type but I have to let Linen Tablecloths know....

First off I must admit I was a bit standoff ish/ hesitant pending my delivery and if it would be all I hope and expected it to be not sure if it was due to the hustle, frustration and accumulated time wasted between Fed Ex and Linen Table Cloth in efforts to locate/replace the missing piece from my order. After expressing a few choice words out of anger, disappointment and being pressed for time I must say after getting my lost item situation resolved Linen Tablecloth really performed to the standards in which I expect, look for and appreciate when building, maintaining and keeping a business to customer relationship.

My initial order was placed I received my order in 8 day sadly due to the below average performance in the art of delivery by my local Fed Ex carrier driver half of my order was missing at time of delivery. Of course a very upset me contacted Linen Tablecloth who attempted to assist me with the issues at hand but was cut short at just about every attempt in the beginning (I would like to say KUDOS to your CSR team rep that had to deal with me at that time via both phone and email I was the most pleasant customer due to the circumstances and I do send my apologizes for taking it out on the company when it was obviously and error via Fed Ex. Linen tablecloth I appreciate you all for sticking in there with me even when I was past the bearable stage {sorry I truly am usually more understanding and patient however this event was less than 2 weeks away at the time and I was in panic mode due to the significance of this event I required immediate answers and felt I was being given diversions instead but I know understand the process and know that those that came encounter with me was just doing the best they could from the resources available to them at the time}).
Although it took over a week to get this matter resolved due to the Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season in addition to having to go through the varies departments and correspondence with Fed Ex alone I can say Linen reps did try to keep me informed of any updates concerning the lost packages. Once that was cleared they expedited me a replacement order of those items that were not received and contacted me both via email and phone to advise me of my orders tracking information. Upon getting receipt that the delivery was successful the day before my event a Linen Tablecloth CSR rep called me to confirm I got it and that everything was ok and to my standards/expectations while continuing to express their apologies for any inconvenience caused. (That alone made me give them 5 STARS Way to GO!! I was pleased to see the efforts taken by Linen Table Cloths to attempt to repair the business to customer relationship especially after I made it clear in earlier correspondence I would never do business with them again wanted to report the company.)
But after seeing that level of performance, the genuine concern from a few of the rep I came in counter with, and the urge to satisfy the customer that they expressed throughout the whole situation. Linen Tablecloths came through with getting me the 20 red 6ft spandex fitted table cloths I order even though I later learned I order the wrong size and rapidly began to feel as though I wasted all that time, energy and money and it won’t fit nor do I have a plan B and show time so close….. I was ecstatic when I began to put my vision and create magic and saw that it was able to stretch and fit the 8ft tables at my venue although it didn't fit as pictured due to my error in ordering the incorrect size it was still able to cover the topes of the table perfectly which was then topped with a clear tablecloth protector that had the damask design on it.
I also ordered 200 white chair covers which was brought to life with the solid half chair cover cap tapped off with a holiday red spandex chair sash accompanied with a silver heart shape buckle on it to enhance the silver bucket accent on the chairs I purchased one pack of the 1000 tear drops acrylic diamond although I was sent a different shape of diamond accent (not sure if it was out of stock at the time the replacement order was sent or an error in packing) and with no time to inquire or follow up due to event being hours away I choose to work with want I had and I'm pleased to say it worked out fine and still provided just that hint of elegant bling bling on the personalized two legged ribbon as it was placed securely to the base of the two tone red over white, white on white and black over white painted feather fans that were given to all the guest as a keepsake for attending.
The remaining diamonds were used on the dinner tables providing that need wow factor as they laid evenly throughout the thin row of the silk red rose petals I also purchased from Linen Table Cloths accompanied by solid black flower petals and metallic and sheer silver flower petals in addition to scattered loose black diamonds that ran down the center of each tables while surrounding the alternating solid black and clear 20" tall vase filled with a variety of red, white and black 14",16" and 20" in length ostrich feathers with a dangling diamond chandelier to complementing them as they hover over the silver slightly bedazzled chargers that housed the attending guest creatively folded red tissue napkin along with a damask design black and white napkin folded as a diamond and inserted in the center with a flawless felt material ribbon and mimic blossomed flowers in varies sizes pattern on it in white and black as it wrapped around each napkin creation the plastic silver colored knives, forks and spoons shined and sparkled from the glare off the embellishments that was placed in the center of the ribbon each embellishment contained one large circle diamond in the center surrounded by a mini circle of stone that alternated from red, black and silver in color.

Linen Table Cloth played a huge part in making the vision I had for my grandmothers Surprise 70th Birthday celebration and Appreciation Dinner the most memorable, elegant, enjoyable experience. The look on her face as she was being escorted by my grandfather to her sit was a once in a life time moment. My grandmother was speechless and all her guest could see was her tears of joy as they rolled down her check in delight and utter shock. I overjoyed to know that my loving, and selfless grandmother has never been thrown a party and that I was able to assist in throwing her, her first party ever and knowing that she would never forget it while taking time to acknowledge not just her but her other half my grandfather. That moment you realize all you do is seen and appreciated was breath taking as guest line up one by one to express appreciation of how blessed in one way or another that Father Almighty has provided each of us with a reason/purpose to have crossed paths with then even if just for a second. To have had the pleasure of being their granddaughter is a true gift that I am blessed to have been given. I know they have been my rock since day one but to hear the various invited guest tell their story, experience of how my grandparent have helped/uplifted/guide/open door for others sometime before themselves and to be able express that true appreciation that may go of feel it is unacknowledged at times was amazing to see the fire in their eyes as they got to relive forgotten/past maybe even ones they didn’t feel was significant and worth remembering but years later you find out that was one of the first stepping stone in to someone’s path to greatness and you assisted in making that person that stands before you today.
It’s not been a month quite yet since the party but to date all her and her friends can talk about is the décor and how beautiful everything was put together... So thank you for everything.
Linen Tablecloths get 5’s across the board for everything by Queen Tradez LLC. Although I gave Linen a 3 for the price. I do want to make it clear the price list is the average retail amount with most companies for these kinds of product although most other vendor lack in one thing which was a major two thumbs up feature that had me hooked and sold on buying from Linen Tablecloth from the very beginning other than me free shipping and handling is the fact that the 100% stretch polyester tablecloths and chair covers are machine washable. Whereas after completing some research of various other websites and companies they would need to be maintained via dry cleaning or a uniform type like store that provides scotch guarding services. And they actually cost on average $5.00 to $10.00 per piece more than Linen Tablecloths asking price in addition about 70% of those companies don't offer free shipping unless you purchase a minimum of like 200 pieces and then those vendors that come fairly close to matching/out pricing Linen Tablecloths tend to fall short in the processing and delivery time depending on suppliers location (mostly in china and surrounding areas have like a 7 -10 day processing time to confirm payment and then an additional 15-26 day estimated delivery time plus some that advertise do advertise free shipping don't inform potential buyers that there ,may be a fee once cleared by customs and that buyer may be subject to additional possible fees via shipping carrier trust me from prior experience that is not a nice surprise nor is it beneficial depending on item and its weight you may find yourself spending more than expected or that it may not even have be worth it especially if you didn't budget for the additional cost) and delivery location.
I'm only sorry I never knew that Linen Tablecloths offered such jaw dropping Cyber-Monday Deals in addition to random daily/weekly sale prices throughout the year itself. If it wasn’t so close to the event I would have be all over it my retail shopping cart might have broken down with the amount of items I would have bought. I could have save a great deal of money if I shopped on December 1st 2014 instead  but my grandmother was worth every cent spent without question.
SIDE NOTE: I have well noted my calendar so I will have my eyes glued to your website during your 2015 Cyber Monday Special/ discounts for sure  !
No, I’m just joking I know I will be checking in way before then for sure especially since my phone has been going off nonstop since her party
Long story short I love my purchase!!! The quality of the items were well worth the money, the service I received via your company was adequate, delivery time is excellent and I will definitely be keeping the supplier/consumer relationship between us. It was a pleasure doing business with you until next time.

(Posted on 1/9/15)
Fabulous! Amazing! Perfect!Review by Arlene

This tablecloth blew me away when I received it. It is now my sexy tablecloth. :)

(Posted on 10/27/14)

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