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This Agreement shall confirm the Terms of Service between LinenTablecloth and its Wholesale Account Customers
(hereby referred to as, “the Customer”) for services provided by LinenTablecloth to the Customer. For good and valuable
consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged. These terms and conditions are subject to
change at any time without notice
. The parties agree as follows:

Minimum Order Requirements

The first wholesale minimum order amount is $1000. All orders below $1000 must be placed online through our
LinenTablecloth.com retail website. Each subsequent order must be $100 or more.
All wholesale orders include free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States. Additional shipping charges
apply for shipping destinations outside the contiguous United States.

Credit Terms

The Customer may apply for credit terms. Once wholesale account is approved, all invoices are to be paid 15 days from
the date of the invoice. Claims arising from invoices must be made within seven working days after receiving order.
By submitting a credit application, the Customer authorizes LinenTablecloth to make inquiries into the banking and
business/trade references that the Customer has supplied. The invoice becomes past due after 30 days of order placement.
Invoices 45 days past due will incur a late fee of 1.5% of balance due, and interest will accrue from that date at 12% annual.
Accounts with invoices that are 90 days or more past due will be cancelled and the account will be sent to collections.

Ordering Methods

Orders can be placed by the following methods:

  • Speaking with a LinenTablecloth Representative by Telephone at (877) 835-5617 option 3 – in order to verify
    order accuracy, purchase order will still need to be confirmed by email, fax or mail before purchase order will be shipped.
  • Fax to: (503) 345-9604
  • Email: wholesale@linentablecloth.com
  • Online – the Customer must log in to LinenTablecloth.com as a Wholesale Customer. Credit terms are not available for online orders, so the Customer must make a full payment at the time of an online order placement.

    Notice & Correspondence

    LinenTablecloth may deliver notice to the Customer by means of e-mail, fax, or by other reliable methods, to the address or contact numbers the Customer has provided to LinenTablecloth. The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the domain name LinenTablecloth.com is added to your spam or junk email exceptions and agree to hold LinenTablecloth harmless for any issues that arise from correspondence that the Customer does not receive due to the filtering, by the Customer or the Customer’s ISP (Internet Service Provider), of any emails LinenTablecloth sends the Customer.

    If the Customer needs to notify LinenTablecloth for any reason, a notification must be submitted in writing via email, fax or post. Any other communication, especially by phone, shall be considered invalid as a means of communicating with LinenTablecloth on important matters, including, but not limited to, amending or canceling orders, requests to return products, etc. LinenTablecloth shall not be held accountable for resolving any issues addressed by means other than those expressly permitted in this Agreement.

    Order Acceptance Policy

    The Customer’s receipt of an order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of the Customer’s order, nor does it constitute confirmation of LinenTablecloth’s offer to sell. LinenTablecloth reserves the right, at any time after receipt of the Customer’s order, to accept or decline the Customer’s order for any reason or to supply less than the quantity of any item the Customer order. These reasons may include, but are not limited to, inventory levels at the time of the order placement, shipping destinations, fortuitous events, or product delivery barriers.

    In the event that LinenTablecloth is not able to supply the full amount of items ordered, and the Customer elects to have LinenTablecloth ship without the full quantity of ordered merchandise, the Customer will be refunded the amount the Customer paid for the items that will not be included in the order. If the Customer chooses to not receive the partial order (the original order minus any items LinenTablecloth is not able to supply), LinenTablecloth reserves the right to cancel the entire order and refund the Customer the total paid for the full order.

    Orders with insufficient or inaccurate information, or that in any other way do not comply or adhere to LinenTablecloth’s policies or order processing guidelines, may be placed on hold without prior notification. LinenTablecloth will attempt to contact the Customer by the means the Customer provided on the Customer’s Wholesale Account on LinenTablecloth.com and will consider leaving a message, either by phone or email, to provide sufficient notification about the Customer’s order status. Under specific circumstances wherein orders placed by the Customer require adjustments or alteration, the Customer's failure to respond to LinenTablecloth's correspondence in seven business days will result in order cancellation and refunds will be processed immediately without further notification.

    Order Errors

    In the event that LinenTablecloth sends incorrect merchandise or mistakenly omits merchandise from an order, LinenTablecloth will make reasonable effort to replace or refund such merchandise, subject to the following limitations:

    • The Customer is solely responsible for inspecting and confirming that received merchandise matches invoiced merchandise as soon as it is delivered. The Customer acknowledges that failure to make this effort upon receipt of the goods shall be considered negligence by the Customer, who thereby forfeits any and all rights to resolution of claims for missing or incorrect merchandise.
    • The Customer releases LinenTablecloth from any obligation to replace, refund or accept returns on incorrect merchandise, or validate and send merchandise for missing item claims, after 30 days from the initial delivery of the order.
    • The Customer releases LinenTablecloth from any obligation to meet customer deadlines with shipments of replacement or missing items and agrees that it is the Customer's sole responsibility to sufficiently plan for time-sensitive events with proper contingency for such errors.
    • The Customer agrees that requests for replacements (i.e. missing items, damaged items) are subject to LinenTablecloth's approval. LinenTablecloth, through a reasonable analysis, will determine the veracity of Customer's claims. This process may include fraud evaluation. In the event that claims are found to be invalid, the Customer agrees to waive any and all rights to reimbursement or compensation in any form.
    • LinenTablecloth, in its sole discretion, will only send replacement merchandise by UPS Ground (or the equivalent "ground" service method of a reputable shipping carrier). Missing merchandise will be sent by the same shipping service method from the original invoice between LinenTablecloth and the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that LinenTablecloth will not, for any reason, be responsible for additional expedited shipping costs or insurance for replacement or missing items beyond the terms explained herein.
    • LinenTablecloth may, in its sole discretion, choose not to have incorrect merchandise returned prior to issuing a refund or replacement items. The Customer will be notified, in writing, of LinenTablecloth’s decision whether to have incorrect merchandise returned or not.
    • Any and all other aspects of the order error claim process shall be governed by the Return Policy and Shipping Policy unless the Customer is otherwise notified in writing by LinenTablecloth.

    Order Cancellations & Changes

    For the benefit of our customers, LinenTablecloth attempts to process orders as rapidly as possible. As such, orders may be sent to LinenTablecloth’s warehouse for fulfillment immediately after they are placed. Due to the difficulty of locating orders once they have begun the fulfillment process, LinenTablecloth will not be able to make any order changes or cancellations once an order has reached this stage of processing.

    Please review orders very carefully prior to submitting them. If a cancellation is necessary, please contact LinenTablecloth as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that LinenTablecloth is able to stop the Customer’s order before it goes to the warehouse for fulfillment.

    For orders placed outside LinenTablecloth’s business hours (9a - 5p PST, M - F), the Customer’s request for cancellation must be received by email at the following address: wholesale.support@LinenTablecloth.com . Requests for cancellation on orders placed outside our business hours must be received by the beginning of the following business day.

    Order changes that require different item types, item additions or changes of shipping method are not possible since LinenTablecloth does not retain LinenTablecloth’s customers' payment information (e.g., credit card numbers) and these types of changes may require adjustment to the order total. For any such changes, the Customer’s order must be canceled and the transaction will be refunded. The Customer may then place a new order with the correct items and/or shipping method.

    Out of Stock Products

    When a product the Customer has ordered is out of stock, LinenTablecloth may provide the Customer with the option to ship the order without any such product. Under these circumstances, provided the Customer agrees to have the order shipped without any out of stock items, the Customer will be refunded as per the Order Acceptance Policy in this Agreement. All other orders where stock is unavailable will be canceled and refunded in full, and the Customer will be notified by email, phone or fax for such cancellation.

    If a particular item is out of stock, the Customer may visit the given product page and submit a request to be on the product waiting list. LinenTablecloth will notify the Customer by email when any such products, for which the Customer has submitted a request to be on the waiting list, become available for purchase and shipment. Requests to be on a product waiting list do not constitute any guarantee or agreement that such items will be withheld for the Customer’s personal purchase. The waiting list only serves as a notification once products arrive in LinenTablecloth’s warehouse, and these products will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. The waiting list applies to orders placed online only and is not available at this time.


    LinenTablecloth shall automatically charge and withhold the applicable sales tax for orders to be delivered to addresses within the same state in which our business operates. For orders shipped to all other states or countries, the Customer is solely responsible for all sales and use taxes or any other associated duties or taxes.

    Typographical Errors

    In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error or error in pricing information received from LinenTablecloth’s suppliers, LinenTablecloth shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for products listed at the incorrect price. LinenTablecloth shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and the Customer’s credit card or bank account charged. If the Customer’s credit card or bank account has already been charged for the purchase and the Customer’s order is canceled, LinenTablecloth shall immediately void the transaction or refund to the Customer’s credit card or bank account the amount of the order total.

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