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May 10, 2021

14 Wedding Hanging Decor Ideas We Love

 As we mentioned in our 2015 Wedding trends prediction post, hanging decor is a popular trend that keeps showing up in wedding decor of all themes. There is such a fabulous array of styles and types that we simply had to put together a list of 14 wedding hanging decor ideas we love.


Ruffled - photo by -


This elegant and beautiful style of hanging decor is easy to fall in love with. You could create this for your own wedding with either real or silk flowers and simple twine. This is perfect for romantic photo ops or as backdrops throughout your wedding venue.

Paper Lanterns


Rustic Wedding Chic

Paper lanterns are inexpensive, make unique lighting options, and come in a variety of sizes making it easy to create a staggered look for your hanging decor. Choose paper or nylon lanterns in whatever color best suits your palette. Plus, you can reuse them for fun home decor afterwards!



Colin Cowie Weddings

Terrariums have a sophisticated look all of their own, but they’re also extremely versatile. You can hang them with nothing but a simple candle, fill them with flowers, or create beautiful layers of rock, stone, and plants for an eye-catching look. Glass suits most wedding themes, making customization simple.

Crystal Garland


Intimate Weddings

Crystal garlands have so many different applications that these sparkling strands of gems can be added to whatever decor pieces need a little glimmer. They pair beautifully with flowers and hang in delicate strands from hanging bouquets or greenery. Add small candle holders like they did above and the flickering candlelight will add another level of shine to the crystal.

Tissue Pom Poms


The Canterbury Place

Another inexpensive way to add bold and big style is by using tissue poms. Much like paper lanterns they come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, and they look absolutely stunning as a hanging bouquet like the one you see above. Add fairy light strands and you’ll have a simple and fabulous look in no time at all.



Style Me Pretty

Ribbon is often used only as an accent to bags or baskets, but they come in every pattern and color you can imagine, making them a perfect way to add personality to your wedding decor, while matching your theme exactly. Choose an array of colors or opt for a solo ribbon to create a wall or curtain that will flutter beautifully and add rich dimension to your venue.



The Frosted Petticoat

Hanging feathers at your wedding is sure to be a unique look that’s perfect for outdoor venues. You can decorate plain ones like they did above with glitter or paint, or you can use different kinds of feathers, from ostrich to peacock, if they match your theme more precisely. Be on the lookout for feathers on our website soon!

Flower Balls


Mod Wedding

Flower balls are a fun way to incorporate more floral decor into your venue without taking up more table space with arrangements. They’re an elegant option that really works both outdoors and in, for casual or formal settings. Garnish with crystal or choose bright colored flower balls to personalize their effect on your venue.



Colin Cowie Weddings

While we love lanterns as centerpieces and table decor, we can’t deny the appeal of hanging lanterns strung throughout a venue like the one you see above. It’s not only a stunning look, its also extremely functional for lighting outdoor settings when the sun begins to set. Candlelit or filled with fairy lights, these lanterns are a great choice, and often come in different styles to match different themes.



Style Me Pretty

Birdcages have been a popular choice for wedding decor for a while, and they’re beautiful filled with candles and flowers as a centerpiece. However hanging just a few birdcages in different sizes will bring a new level of height and sophistication to the venue. The can still be filled with candles or flowers, or they stand alone as pretty hanging decor.

String Lights


Something Turquoise

String lights have evolved from being christmas-time decor to being used in all sorts of events and weddings. Bulbs come in different sizes and colors and the strands are made to string high across venues. You can even get battery powered string lights for outdoor venues. These are simply a perfect combination of function and style.

Mason Jars


Inspired By This

If you read our 8 DIY mason jar post you already know that we adore the versatility of mason jars, and they definitely deserve a spot on our list of favorite hanging decor. Hang them from hooks, as chandeliers, or from chairs and customize them to your theme. They’re perfect for flowers, lights, candles, and so much more.



Three Pennies

If you chose a rustic theme then banners are an excellent choice for hanging decor. Not only can they be used to showcase announcements and sweet messages (check out our save the date blog!), when you use a lot of them, they create a unique look just as they are. Banners come in all sorts of materials, from jute to paper and even chalkboards, so you can customize (or not!) as much as you like.




Finally, simply doilies make our list as a truly affordable and classic touch to wedding decor. They can be used to create banners (see our DIY doily tutorial!) or hung simply to accent the decor of a homey and classy country-side themed wedding. String on ribbon or twine and you have a ready-to-go accent for walls and tables.

We hope you’re inspired by the all possibilities for wedding hanging decor, let us know what you think and comment below!

Graphics & Content: Olivia | Writing:  Mikayla

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