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January 18, 2020

15 Ways to Display Photos At Your Wedding

Whether the photos are of the bride and groom, or of lost loved ones, guests love to see photos. Photos at a wedding offer an intimate experience that sheds light on the couple’s amazing story. The price of wedding decor adds up as you order signs and accent peices. Photos are easy to incorporate and are inexpensive to compile. We love a wedding with lots of photosto look at, and enjoy finding new ways to show off our own photos at events.

Family Tree

Pictures hung on tree

Use elements of nature to create a photo gallery out of a nearby tree. Using nails, a hammer, and decorative ribbon – create this look to add a memorable addition to your venue. If you are renting your venue – please be sure to check with the owner of the grounds prior to nailing into a tree. Additionally, do not attempt to design this photo display on a small tree that will be unable to support the weight of many frames.

Burlap Photo Lines

Burlap ribbon display

This look is perfect for any country wedding. To create this look, hole punch your photos and then thread string through the burlap, tying a knot at the front or back of the photo. Click here to learn how to make the perfect burlap bow.

Pallet Collages
Palette collage photo display

Recycle an old pallet by scattering your photos throughout the surface. These decorations are easy to assemble prior to your wedding, and easily transferable to your venue. Use wood letters to add a personal touch, or place lanterns around the pallet to create a romantic ambiance.

Shutter Upcycle
Shutter picture display

You can usually find old shutters at garage sales, craft fairs, and home renovation thrift stores. Use clothes pins to hang photos or memorabilia on window shutters.

Easy Easel Displays
Tiny easel photo display

Easels are a great way to show off photos in any setting. Try creating table numbers out of your pictures and posing them on your tables using small easels.

DIY Floral Hoop

Using a hula hoop, spray paint, silk flowers, and ribbon –  you could make this adorable hanging photo gallery. Spray paint the hula hoop to the color of your liking, adhere the silk flowers to the edge of the hula hoop, and wrap the ribbon around the hula hoop front. Hot glue your photos to the ribbon prior to wrapping around the hula hoop to make sure the photos don’t fall during your event.

Decorative Doilies
Doily display

Paper doilies are a beautiful accent to simple string-hung photos. Glue your photos to the paper doilies, and then hang the photos on string with clothes pins for a classic, warm photo display.

Climbing Up The Ladder
Ladder photo display

Never pass up the chance to own a small wooden ladder. Ladders can be easily painted and decorated in frames to make a beautiful collection of pictures. Try using vases, votives, and flowers to help incorporate your wedding colors.

Looking Through The Window
Window photo display

Old windows have a versatile use when it comes to displaying photos. You can use a window marker to write the names of your bridal party next to their pictures, or fill some of the panes with paper squares to create a unique guest book you can later hang in your home. We personally love when the bride and groom share photos of their relationship unfolding over time.

Mason Jar Moments
Mason Jar photo display

Using mason jars and vegetable oil, you can create a quaint photo display that is perfect for table decor. Use branch accents to add a rustic touch.

From Tire To Gallery
Bicycle photo wheel

The spokes of a bike tire are a great way to share memories with your guests! Try weaving the photos through the spokes and then displaying the tire on an easel for all to see.

Sweet And Simple
Simple photos hung on string

String and clothes pins is all you need. Sweet and simple! A flower hung on the string doesn’t hurt either!

Floating Memories
Balloons photo display

Balloons filled with helium float to the top of the the room, leaving a string with picture attached at eye level. This creative way of displaying photos is inexpensive to create and offers an interactive experience for guests.

Branching Out
Manzanita Tree Display

Manzanita trees and branches are a fast, easy way to display photos. Pictures can be hung directly on the branches, or attached to ribbon for a more intricate look.

Fill A Frame
Wood frame display

Frames come in many shapes and sizes. If you see a frame you like, try removing the picture or backing and string your own pictures across it. Guests will have a great time looking at all of your photos from beginning to end.

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  1. Thank you so much for share your ideas with us. The topic was interesting. You’ve used some attractive photos, that was really amazing and easy to understand clearly. I wanna try these with my wedding photos. Because of the wedding was one of the best parts of my life. I wanna buy some picture frame for decorating my home. So I need your help. Could you please tell me, where can I buy some quality picture frame with reasonable price? I’ve already got a photo frame store on the internet. Here is the link But I don’t know about there quality. Could you please give me a suggestion to buy some photo frame? If you have any suggestion for me, please leave your valuable comment. Thanks again for your superb effort on this article.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      Unfortunately we do not specialize in photo frames, so we’re reluctant to offer insight on where best to purchase. However, some things to keep in mind would be material, if the inside is plexy or glass, and how the back of the frame is held in place. Good luck in your search!

  2. Regarding the window frame idea. How do you attach the pictures without the tape showing? I mean I’d like them to be behind the glass, or are they taped on top of the glass?

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