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April 14, 2021

17 Wedding Send Off Ideas We Love

With traditional rice throwing fading away as the go-to option for wedding send offs, we wanted to compile a list of creative non-traditional alternatives. Below you’ll find 17 fabulously unique options for creating a memorable wedding send off that you and guests are sure to remember.

1. Flowers and Petals



While this may seem like an obvious choice, we thought it was worth mentioning the potential that flowers or flower petals offer in variety. Not only can you pick flowers and petals according to color palette, but you can also choose flower or petal type. Have guests toss wildflowers, rose petals, sunflower petals, or even silk flowers and silk petals for an inexpensive choice.

2. Leaves


Elizabeth Anne Designs

If you’re planning a fall wedding, skip flowers all together and opt for leaves in rich autumn colors of red, orange, and brown. Even better, they’re readily available for anyone willing to scoop them from where they fell. Don’t live near trees? Get artificial leaves for guaranteed color and quality.

3. Artificial Snow


Embellished Events

If you’re wedding will be in any of the winter-time months, celebrate the season with artificial snow. Snow fall is romantic and undeniably elegant, and the artificial stuff saves you the trouble of the cold, the storage, and cooperation of weather needed for real snow fall.

4. Lavender or Aromatics


Laura Leslie Photography

Lavender is a great option for brides incorporating wildflowers into their decor or bouquets, plus it smells fabulous as guests toss it. Lavender scent not your thing? Opt for crushed fresh herbs like mint or thyme to stay all-natural and still get a fabulous aroma.

5. Birdseed


Belle The Magazine

For the brides who still love the idea of traditional rice throwing, go for a birdseed alternative to achieve the same effect, without putting the birds in harms way. Oatmeal is also a great option that’s safe for birds and the environment, while keeping with a more traditional send off.

6. Ribbon Wands


Style Me Pretty

Check off two tasks at once with ribbon wands, not only do they make elegant wedding send offs, they adorable mementos for guests to keep too. Choose wands that match your color palette, and even customize ribbon wands by writing names and dates on individual ribbons!

7. Bubbles


Intimate Weddings

Bubbles are a playful but also surprisingly delicate and elegant option when considering your send off. Not only will it keep young ones entertained, let the older guests to have some childhood fun, but bubbles are a no clean-up needed option. Package them in stylish containers and these too double as a fabulous guest favor.

8. Confetti


United With Love

We couldn’t forget confetti! Whether you choose to make or purchase your confetti, it comes in an awesome variety of shapes and colors, to match your theme perfectly. Get small red heart confetti, paper circles, combine with tinsel, whatever works best for your wedding. Guests can either pick up poppers or bags, or for a really unique option, feature a confetti bar where guests can fill their own bags with an array of different options!

9. Feathers



Feathers is one of truly unique options for a send off. They flutter beautifully, making for a fabulous photo op, but they’re also soft and delicate, making them ideal for feminine or outdoor weddings. Use natural or artificial feathers to suit your specific taste and style.

10. Sparklers



If you’re having an evening wedding (or even if you’re not!) sparklers are too perfect for an unbelievable picture and stunning send off. These are also a really easy clean up option, and guests will love the effect. (So will you when you see the pictures!)

11. Cap Guns


The knot

While cap guns are largely for sound not look, if you’re having an outdoor, rustic, or country-side wedding, these are a great themed option for your send off. Not only can you customize them with small tags or inscriptions as guest mementos, but its a really fun and high-energy send off choice.

12. Glitter


The Perfect Palette

If glitter is a recurring part of your wedding decor, or if you simply love glitter, these small sparkles will fill the air with a dazzling shine during your send off. Glitter is easy to match to your color palette, but keep in mind clean up for this one, indoor venues are probably best.

13. Sequins



With the re-emergence of sequins as a trendy accent to material and clothing, small colored sequins are a great option for an alternative confetti. These small sparkling beauties are perfect for the girly, feminine bride and lighter, sparkly decor themes. If this catches you’re interest, be sure to check out our sequin linens to really bring the sparkle to your event.

14. Pom Poms

 3fdb1fc0e873a8144e072a1297952e71 via Pinterest

If your wedding features any of these playful colors, or has a lighthearted and fun atmosphere, pom poms might be the choice for you. These fuzzy balls are for more than just crafting in this case, and they’re a really inexpensive option to buy in large quantities. Package them in a sweet customized box and you’ll have a  colorful wedding send off to remember.

15. Balloons

 Screen shot 2010-06-23 at 3.05.59 PM

Oh Happy Day

The stunning effect of having every guest release a balloon as you and your new spouse exit is incredible. Have guests attach happy wishes or seeds to the balloon to spread your joy and love long after they pop. This is a photo op you’ll definitely want to capture.

16. Paper Airplanes


LandLocked Bride

Paper airplanes are about as non-traditional as you can get, but they’re an adorable way to incorporate a childhood pastime and guest interaction with your send off. Have guests fold their own, or provide pre-folded planes in colors that work with your palette, and then bombs away! These lightweight and inexpensive paper airplanes are definitely something you and your guests will remember.

17. Glow Sticks



Finally, for those evening weddings out there, get a beautiful nighttime picture by giving guests multi-colored glow sticks. The dazzling effect this will have on your send off photos is fabulous, plus, who doesn’t love glow sticks?

We hope you loved discovering these non-traditional wedding send off ideas as much as we loved putting them together. Which one will you use for your wedding? Give us your opinions or ideas by commenting below!

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