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September 23, 2020

5 Minute Cake Stand DIY

There’s no reason to have a boring table just because your event is small.  If you’re hosting a company party or even a gathering at home, add some flair to your food tables with a five minute cake stand.  They’re not just for desserts though, these stands can be used for everything from pasta to salads. The best part? You can make them from simple items found around your home or office.


Materials largely depend on what you have at hand.  Some of the more common impromptu stands include the following: bowls, vases, planters, and boxes.  Different heights of the stands at your table give your smorgasbord of edible delights a more elegant feel.  To create this effect we recommend using at least two or three heightened raisers per table. Having various sizes of raisers adds additional depth.


For our table, we used a small bowl with a flat bottom, a rectangular metal planter, and a round box normally used to hold clothespins.  Flip each stand upside down. We recommend placing taller stands toward the back and working your way forward according to height. Remember that not every dish needs a stand.  As you can see here, the bowls with our chocolate covered pretzels and puppy chow mix were placed directly on the table.

Additional Decor

All of our stands included various metals and base materials.  Using overlays and runners to cover the table is another easy way to elevate the look of your event!  Our demonstrations table features a 72 in. Square Hibiscus Sheer Overlay in Champagne. Bunching up the fabric around each stand not only covers it but also adds color and texture.  For an added sense of elegance, put some flowers or candles on the table. Peruvian Lily Bunches are shown here in Champagne.

Don’t forget your lovely arrangement of cakes and other food items.  That’s it though! Quick, easy, and relatively cost free!

Tell us what you think of our Cake Stand DIY or send us photos of your own creations on Facebook.

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