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June 14, 2021

6 Save The Date Ideas

Last week we showed you how to make a easy DIY save the date doily banner, but there are so many adorable ways to make a memorable save the date photo that we had to show you 6 Save the Date ideas that current couples have been using. From banners to balloons to posing with cute props, you’ll see why couples have been inspired, and just how simple they would be to do yourself.

Wood Letters


Wedding Bells

These simple wood letters can help you say it all. Whether you choose to do what this couple did and spell a word that is meaningful to you as a couple, or if you use numbers to spell the date itself, they’re easily customizable, and also adorable in their original form. You can add paint, glitter, ribbon, or create a vintage distressed look to match your theme. We like the idea of holding them, but you could also easily string them on a ribbon or rope and hang them in the backdrop of the photo. Sign up for our newsletter to see when we’ll be adding these letters to our site!

Jumbo Balloons


The Sweetest Engagement

This is such a clever and sweet way of saving the date, all you need is a jumbo balloon and a marker! Add your own flourishes like ribbon, lace, and string that match your wedding decor and you’ve got a ready to go, and really inexpensive save the date.



Pop Sugar

There are so many banner options out there that we had trouble choosing just one picture. Aside from our doily banner, you could use jute burlap, linen pennants, thick craft paper, or even chalkboard pennants to create an easy to hold save the date banner. Jute, linen and paper work well with paint, or a good marker, and you could also glue on the numbers and cute shapes like the hearts shown above. Chalkboard banners we absolutely love the idea of, you can use just a piece of chalk, and it’s so easy to redo if you make a mistake! Then just choose a pose, pick and end to hold, and you’ve got a cute way of showing your loved ones which day will be your special one.

Wood Slices


The Knotty Bride

We’ve also seen a lot of couples opting for rustic wood slices to show their special day. You could make these into a banner as well, or attach to the save the date and send directly to your family! For a different option, you could also use larger wood slabs and create a customized sign to hold or display in your picture. These wood options work really well with stamped applications, carving, or a really good marker, and work so well with rustic, country-side, or outdoor wedding themes.

Picture Frames


We Heart It

Frame your save the date in a beautiful frame to not only display in your picture, but also to keep for a long time to come. There are so many options for frames it really is as simple as choosing one that matches your decor themes, and then writing the date in on either white or decorated paper. We’ve also seen couples using glass in their frames and writing the date in window marker. Pose for a kiss behind the framed glass and you’ll have a sweet save the date picture that’s romantic and creative.

OR a mixture of props!


W&E Photographie

If you just can’t decide which one you like the best, do what this couple did and use an array of different forms, just be sure to choose options that have complimentary details and colors. This one shows how to use a wood sign, a paper doily, wood slices, and a frame all in one shot. They show all the information, and pose in the background for a sweet save the date picture that deliver your date to loved ones in style.

Have you done something different? Share your ideas and opinions with us below!

Graphic Design & Content: Olivia | Content & Writing: Mikayla

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