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June 14, 2021

6 Wedding Food Station Ideas

A very creative trend that we’ve seen growing more and more popular are weddings that feature nontraditional food items. Sometimes these unique food bars stand in for a wedding cake, other times it’s an option that can help couple’s avoid the steep prices of providing a full catered dinner to guests. Regardless of their original reasons, we’re so glad couple’s have been creating these adorable and truly fun ideas. Below we’ve created a list of 6 Wedding Food Station Ideas that can help inspire a nontraditional food treats that offer your guests for a memorable experience.

1. Biscuit Bar



Andre Winfrye Events

When we came across this biscuit bar, we loved it immediately. This one demonstrates how to provide two, classy and likely very tasty options to guests, but you could also create a buffet of toppings for guests to create their own delicious biscuits. While this would be adorable for a bridal or wedding shower, this would also be absolutely perfect for those brunch weddings we mentioned in our 2015 wedding predictions post. You could display your menu on a large chalkboard like this, or opt for smaller labels for a variety of toppings and food. These biscuits can be savory, or sweet and display to match your decor theme, although we think the cozy nature of a homemade biscuit lends to a rustic, relaxed wedding atmosphere.

2. Spud Bar


Celebrations At Home

This ‘spud’ bar is so unique that we had to feature it in this blog. When you consider the range of often loved potato preparations that exist, it seems so obvious a choice! From french fries to potato skins, to baked and mashed potatoes, with an array of toppings you can create a savory and yummy buffet of spuds that will satisfy anyone’s appetite. Create little labels with printouts or chalkboard stands and set out the food in a fun display with varied heights and colors, and your guests will not only remember, but talk about this entertaining food bar for years to come.

3. Popcorn Bar


Hostess With The Mostess

Everybody loves popcorn, and it’s a food item that is so easy to customize with different flavors that this popcorn buffet will satisfy guests with all ranges of palettes. We like how this was arranged, with the popcorn displayed in rustic planters, and an array of sweet and savory toppings ready for guests to add on top. You could easily use goody bags with fun prints as a way for guests to carry their popcorn, or use those versatile mason jars that we mentioned in our DIY mason jar post. 

This is perfect for a easy and affordable addition to a rustic, outdoor wedding. Popcorn looks fabulous displayed in wooden or metal planters, buckets, and barrels. Add small chalkboard labels, rustic flowers, and burlap accents and you’ll be able to create a popcorn display that will have guests munching through the night.

4. Omelet Bar


100 Layer Cake

Our 2015 wedding trend predictions mentioned that brunch weddings would be emerging strongly as an inexpensive option for brides, and this another food station would be absolutely ideal for those settings. An omelet bar allows guests to add their favorite topping. Eggs are an accepting foundation which allows a great variety of toppings including several meat, veggie, and cheese options. These items are not extravagant or expensive, meaning you could provide a huge selection of toppings, without the price tag of a specially created menu. Using a picture frame to showcase the different toppings is another inexpensive touch that adds a lot of elegance.

5. Oyster Bar

Laurel McConnell Photography

June Bug Weddings

Oysters are another food item that is delicious and accepting of a diverse set of toppings, and they require no cooking. This display suits any wedding with a nautical , summer, or beach-side theme and guests will love being able to pick a freshly shucked oyster and trying all the different sauces available. Choose a display that can hold shaved ice to keep the fresh seafood cold and provide an assortment of toppings like mignonette, chimichurri, sriracha and lemon, or horseradish and lime. You could even add nautical lanterns, candles, and small beach themed frames (display topping names inside) to elevate the presence of your wedding’s theme in this display.This would be great for an appetizer or cocktail hour, or if you add other seafood like shrimp or crab, it could easily function as a dinner course.

6. Cookie Bar


Wedding Chicks

Finally, but certainly not the least delicious, is a cookie bar that really suits any wedding theme. Here they’ve displayed an array of cookie flavors for guests to snack on, displaying flavors on adorable chalkboard signs. We like the touch of the pennant banner above the bar, with a clever name for a creative food display. For this food station you could provide traditional favorites or gourmet cookie options, or even a mix of both. As we mentioned in our 2014 favorite trends, providing a glass of milk (mason jars!) and straws is a super easy, and a very cute addition that guests are sure to love.

We’re sure there are so many more creative wedding food station options out there, and we would love to hear some of your ideas! Please comment below and share what you would do!

Graphic Design & Content: Oliva | Writing: Mikayla

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