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June 1, 2020

7 Fabulous Uses For Foam Flowers

We have a newly developed love for foam wallflowers here at LinenTablecloth. From floral backdrops to quaint wall decorations, the displays these flowers create are breathtaking. The possibilities seemed endless when they first arrived on our doorstep, and we weren’t wrong! We want to share with you a few of our favorite ways to use these decadent floral pieces.

Floral Backdrop

Flower Backdrop

Floral backdrops are grand and elaborate. They add a magical essence to your venue and are a beautiful backdrop to any DIY photobooths. Go grand and decorate an entire stage or create a flower wall at home with our wallflower collection and a large foam board to adhere the flowers to.

Flower Table RunnerFloral Table Runner

Using flowers to fill a table runner is a great look, but can often be pricey and stressful (that is one big floral delivery!). Try filling your table with large foam flowers instead. Foam wallflowers are large in size, so filling the center of your table will require less time and material.

Flowers Letter CraftFloral Letter Craft

Foam wallflowers are sturdy and easy to work with – the perfect material needed to craft! Create a large floral covered letter by purchasing a hollow letter and filling it with floral foam. Our foam wallflowers already come with wire attached to the backing. Simply stick the metal into the floral foam and watch your vibrant floral art form!

Wedding Arch

Flower Wedding Arch

Floral arches are perfect for cute, fun wedding themes. Arches do not require many foam flowers and can when combined with ribbon, have a cascading appearance.

Home Decor

Flower Home Decor

Foam flowers are great home decor. They require no maintenance and never die. Try displaying one of our wallflowers on your table in a vase or mason jar. You can make small collage of flowers on a wall next to a crib for hassle free decor that won’t threaten baby if it falls off of the wall. Another great idea is to use foam flowers above a fire place for a balanced living room look.


Paper Flower Bouquet

Are you a planner? Do you want your wedding to go perfectly? Make your bridal bouquets now! Foam flowers are great additions to any bridal party and won’t wilt before the pictures are through!

Hanging Decor

Floral Hanging Decor

 Use foam flowers to decorate the room from head to toe. Hang foam flowers above tables or over a reading nook to make any space fun-filled.

Our Wallflower Style

Our Portland, Oregon based showroom was the perfect stage to make an amazing foam wallflower display! We used a hot glue gun to gently fix the foam flowers to our showroom wall, and now have an exciting backdrop to our rental workstation!

LTC Portland Showroom

For more ideas, check out our other blog.

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