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July 21, 2019

8 DIY Wedding Favors that Won’t Break the Bank

The bride and groom often give out wedding favors as a token of appreciation for those who made the effort to gather for their special occasion. But buying gifts for hundreds of guests can quickly add up!

Memorable keepsakes don’t have to break the bank! We’ve compiled a list of wedding favors that you can easily DIY (i.e. simple with minimal supplies) to help you create an affordable, beautiful gift for your family and friends.

1.) Cute Paper Bags

wedding favors brown bags
Take this adorable DIY bag, and fill it with whatever you want! Think candy, flower petals, seeds, or even pictures!
Bags: ~$8
Doilies: $4.39
Twine: $10.99
Rubber Stamp: ~$5
Ink: ~$5
Total: $41.38 for 100 favors, making each $0.41

2.) Hugs & Kisses

wedding favors candy
What’s a more perfect treat for your romantic day than chocolate Hugs & Kisses? Customize it by printing out a label with your names and the date!
Bags (20/pack): $3.69
Ribbon: $6.59
Candy: ~$30
Print-at-home Tags: ~$12
Total: $67.04 for 100 favors, making each $0.67

3.) Popcorn Kernels 

wedding favors popcorn
A perfect favor for a rustic or farm wedding. Your guests will love the opportunity to make popcorn from scratch! (trust us, it’s way more fun.)
Glass Jars: ~$0.40/each
Paper: ~$5
Twine: $10.99
Print-at-home Tags: ~$12
Popcorn: ~$10
Total: $77.99 for 100 favors, making each $0.78

4.) Personalized Lip Balm

wedding favors lip balm
Lip balm is a great idea because it’s so useful. And as an added bonus, every time your guests use it, they’ll remember how awesome your wedding was!
Bulk Lip Balm: ~$0.30/each
Print-at-home Sticker Paper: ~$15
Total: $45 for 100 favors, making each $0.45

5.) Mini Wine Bottles

wedding favors wine
This is definitely a little pricier because alcohol is involved, but for a smaller wedding, this is just too cute!
Wine Mini Bottles (4 pack): ~$6
Print-at-home Sticker Paper: ~$15
Total: $165 for 100 favors, making each $1.65

6.) Easy S’mores

wedding favors smores
Smores are a classic! Better yet, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider making a bonfire for guests to actually eat these for dessert!
Bags (20/pack): $3.69
Twine: $10.99
Marshmallows: ~$15
Chocolate: ~$20
Graham Crackers: ~$15
Total: $79.44 for 100 favors, making each $0.79

7.) Cookie Bar

wedding favors cookies
Think about how easy this Cookie Bar is. No assembly required (on your part that is)! And your guests can pick out exactly what they want. It’s a win-win!
Cookies: ~$40
Goodie Bags (25 pack): $3.99
Total: $55.96 for 100 favors, making each $0.56

8.) Live Succulent Place Card Holders

wedding favors succulents
These succulent place card holders are an easy way to solve two problems at once! Your guests will use it to find their seat, then take it home at the end of the night to have a living memory of your special day!
Votives: ~$0.75 each
Succulents: $10 for a larger one you can break up (approx 20 pieces)
Total: $150 for 100 favors, making each $1.50

Don’t spend a fortune on buying gifts for your guest, when you can make special wedding favors yourself! Happy DIY!

Did you use any of these ideas? Need a few more? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos: Evermine/Something Turquoise/Wedding Bee/Elizabeth Anne/Amore Vita

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