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May 10, 2021

8 DIY Wedding Mason Jar Ideas

If there’s one trend that has taken weddings of all themes and settings by storm, its the versatile and inexpensive mason jar. The possibilities for customizing these glass beauties to your specific wedding theme, color scheme, or venue are pretty much limitless, and DIY crafters have been setting out to prove that. These projects are so cute, and often so simple that choosing only a few wasn’t easy. Even though you’ll probably see more DIY mason jars (keep an eye out for tutorials!), we’ve picked 8 DIY wedding mason jar ideas that would be easy to create for any upcoming event.

1. Two Mason Jar Votive Candle Holders


DIY Ready



Glass has been a beautiful option for candle display for a long time, but mason jars are inexpensive making it easy to add personalized flair. With just a little clear drying glue, crystal pieces or translucent pebbles, and a burlap ribbon bow on top, you can recreate this prism mason jar. It refracts candlelight beautifully and is perfect for outdoor or evening weddings. For a bit of country charm, you can use more of that burlap ribbon and wrap it with white lace or chemical lace(coming soon!) for a rustic touch. Tie with a bow and you have an sweet, and quick, table topper for outdoor ceremonies. Don’t be afraid to experiment, we’ve seen pearls, multicolored ribbon, seashells and paint, and all of them create a unique and charming votive holder.

2. Two Mason Jar Vases


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While you could paint a mason jar for a candle holder, we also adore this idea for using a chalkboard, metallic,or matte paint to cover the glass surface with a complete coat. With just a bit of sandpaper (or a handy nail file), you can lightly rough up the edges and surface for a vintage, distressed look. For a fresh, crisp eye-appealing vase slice lemons or oranges (or whatever citrus matches your color palette) and fill with water. When flowers are added this creates a brilliant and bright look that will inspire and delight guests.

3. Two Mason Jar Favors


Mod Wedding


Storyboard Wedding

The inexpensive nature of mason jars make them great for wedding decor and for wedding favors. We’re sure you’ve seen, or received, a mason jar recipe before, and while that would be a fabulous and likely appreciated favor for your guests, there are some other options when it comes to food. Instead of layering ingredients for guests to cook later, why not make jelly or preserves? You could even set out crostinis for guests to try their flavors on. We also love the idea of granola, popcorn, an assortment of candy, or for a real wow, even a fruit crisp that’s ready to enjoy!

If food isn’t the gift you had in mind, a favor that will be a long-lasting decor piece for guests is a terrarium in a jar. Just as you might a recipe, layer sand, colored pebbles, and moss and then top with flowers (silk would last longer) or succulents. Decorate the jar if you please, but even without you’ve now created a small terrarium that will look great on anyone’s mantle.

4. Two Hanging Mason Jar Ideas


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Finally, for a spin on the DIY mason jars, instead of displaying them on tables, hang them for a stylish and unique look. Often used as lights, with candles, fairy lights, or even light bulbs, these hanging mason jars are a fabulous idea for hanging above tables or along chairs for a beautifully and inexpensively illuminated aisle. To hang from chairs you just need a bit of sturdy wire, bind the jar mouth with it by wrapping it tightly, and then create a handle. This can hang on chairs for the wedding aisle or spread throughout the reception venue for smaller pops of light. To create a hanging mason jar light piece, you have many options. We’ve seen them hung from wires with bare bulbs for a minimalist look, or arranged like a chandelier and hanging in a circle above tables. But we really loved this idea, fill a hanging wire basket with flowers and other decor to match your theme, then space candlelit mason jars around it for a type of chandelier that is sure to impress.

We’ll be revisiting these useful mason jars again, so keep an eye out for tutorials and inspiration posts. Would you use these 8 DIY wedding mason jar ideas in your wedding? Let us know what you would do!

Design and Content: Olivia | Writing and Content: Mikayla

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