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November 17, 2018

8 Food Stations Your Guests Are Sure To Love

Whether you are using a food station to serve your main course, or a complimentary side, your guests will appreciate the ability to serve themselves. Food bars allow for guests to tailor servings to their needs, and puts an interactive spin on the wedding dinning experience. Utilizing self-serve food stations brings a casual, relaxed vibe, encouraging guests to indulge when they are ready, rather than at an obligatory timeline. Food stations are a fun wedding trend that is sure to stick around once word gets out about these creative options:


 Milk and cookies are a sweet treat enjoyed by all ages. Want to commemorate a beloved grandma’s special peanut butter cookie recipe? Feature that recipe at your wedding! A milk and cookies bar makes a great alternative for any wedding. Keep milk cold throughout your event by placing milk in buckets of ice. Apothecary jars are great for housing large amounts of cookies, and can be wrapped in ribbon to fit any venue. Chalkboard signs are an obvious decoration choice, and remind guests of their younger days, when milk and cookies was their favorite snack.


It’s no surprise that pizza is a $30 billion dollar industry in the United States. However, pizza won’t cost you billions to feed your wedding guests. For an affordable wedding buffet that will feed large amounts of people, consider a pizza bar. No matter how you slice it, pizza is delicious and can be tailored to meet the needs of your vegetarian guests as well. Worried pizza will dull down the sense of elegance at your vent? Decorate your food station in Italian style decor to evoke a sense of charm. Fill your food table with candlelit lanterns and wooden tableware to achieve this look.


Building a burger bar is so easy, not to mention, everyone loves a good burger. Give your guests the comfort of their own home, by hosting a barbecue-themed burger bar at you wedding. Put a stylish spin on it by serving condiments on a cake stand or in a bottle holder. LinenTablecloth offers a variety of checkered linens to decorate your barbecue picnic the old fashioned way!


Donuts are delicious. But you already knew that, right? Share that deliciousness with your guests by offering a donut bar during your wedding. Make sure your donuts include a lot of icing, and sprinkles of course!  We love the idea of making donut stations match your vintage theme by using a chalkboard poster and tissue tassels as accents.


Popcorn bars became common when the country rustic wedding theme really started to take off. Popcorn bars are a great snack that guests can enjoy throughout your event. Popcorn can be stored in baskets or bins, and is best served with a wide variety of toppings! Make sure to prove tiny scoops so that your guests feel safe about the food they handled at your wedding.


Create a waffle bar to cater to a brunch-themed event, or to just satisfy your sweet tooth. Make waffles out of cake batter or regular pancake batter. Don’t forget the syrup, and of course, plenty of bowls to serve toppings in!


Biscuit bars are perfect for southern weddings. Serve the taste of comfort at your wedding by providing a cascading display of biscuits, as well as meats and cheeses for filling. If you have the main course mapped out, and are using the biscuit bar as a drool-worthy side, provide some homemade jam and our favorite – BUTTER! We recommend having a beverage dispenser nearby, as biscuits are better when washed down with lemonade.


Salsa is such a wonderful thing; sweet and spicy deliciousness that floats into your mouth by way of tortilla chip. We love salsa, and we bet your guests will too. Prep chips in individualized favor bags, and serve salsa in bite-sized serving containers to make this dream a reality. If you prefer a more free flowing approach, simply serve your variety of salsa in bowls and make sure chips are readily available when guests are ready to dive in.

What do you think about our food station ideas? Share your food station ideas! We would love to hear them!

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