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May 10, 2021

Our 8 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2015

We’re sure that 2015 will be full of unexpected ideas and trends from creative brides and industry leaders, and while we can’t wait to be surprised by the fun and inventive styles that are bound to emerge, we have our own thoughts about what we might be seeing in the new year. Below you’ll find our 8 wedding trend predictions for 2015, we know you’ll see exactly why we think they’re going to be around in this year’s wedding planning.



Burnetts Boards


Knots Villa

Pantone’s color of the year has been making waves across internet channels since the announcement was made. We have to say, we whole-heartedly approve of the warm and subtly seductive Marsala. The rich color is embracing and exudes romance, making it simply perfect for all types of weddings. We love the idea for a fall, outdoor wedding, but it could easily be used indoors, for city settings, and for winter or spring. For more ideas on how Marsala will be seen in this year’s weddings, see our Marsala Color Palette blog.



Style Me Pretty


Belle The Magazine


Mod Wedding

Again and again we’ve come across stunning decor, hanging from ceilings, tents, and special pieces to create dramatic height and memorable looks. We’ve seen creativity take life in these pieces, pairing paper poms or flower balls and crystal garlands with natural branches like you see above or hanging lights and greenery for a softer, subtle romance. Glass terrariums with bright flowers or flickering candlelight, and bare bulbs with striking wire suspension has also been emerging into wedding decor. We’re so sure this look will be around in 2015, look for a coming post about the vast variety and potential hanging decor presents for creative brides.



Style Me Pretty


Style Me Pretty


Audrey & Angus

The minimal industrial look is reappearing in event themes as of late, and we encourage any bride who embraces the simplistic, barren, and yet so sophisticated Industrial Chic look for their wedding. Characterized by exposed brick, wood, and metal and often using re-purposed furniture, the look is inexpensive and striking. Hanging decor makes its appearance here as well, often in the form of exposed light bulbs, creating a bright and uncomplicated look. You might also see glass terrariums with simple accents inside, or empty frames calling attention to those exposed surfaces while creating impressive dimension for the room. If you’re looking for clean, crisp, and unique, industrial chic may be for you.




If you checked out our 2014 faves post not too long ago, you know sequins made an appearance last year. But, we’re sure hoping that they stick around for another. Their sparkling surface in muted, neutral colors is so elegant and can easily help create a sophisticated look at weddings, while bringing girly feminine style. Use one sequin tablecloth to highlight the sweetheart table, or intersperse them with white tablecloths for a shine throughout the venue. If the all over sequin look is too much for you, check out our tablecloths that feature sequin spirals and rosettes for a more subtle shine. Sequins pair well with crystal decor, natural foliage, and glass, but we’re sure 2015 brides will find new options to match sparkle with other decor for new and beautiful looks.



Colin Cowie Weddings


Magnolia Rouge

We’ve mentioned greenery and natural foliage already in this post, but it deserves its own time in the spotlight as we’ve seen it more and more in all sorts of unique ways. Dangling ferns and moss are popular, as are large hanging wooden planters with green leaves strung through them, but we’ve also seen olive leaves adorning wedding cakes, long centerpieces with leafy greens instead of flowers, and green garlands strung from chairs and tables. Adding greenery to metal buckets, glassware, wooden planters is a simple way to bring natural beauty to a wedding venue. It seems that flowers may be sharing their usual wedding monopoly with green, natural foliage this year. This type of decor really works for any season, and any setting, as it pairs naturally with most colors and accents.





Mod Wedding

Garden themes and venues are beautiful and peaceful, and we’re confident many brides will be using this type of setting for weddings this year. The theme is versatile, ranging from a 20’s inspired ‘Gatsby’ wedding, a lighthearted tea party theme, or a sweet romantic secret garden wedding. No matter which focus garden weddings choose, this is the ideal setting for that natural foliage we love so much. Either pair it with subtle pastels, or a bold color like Marsala or Eggplant like we did in our Royal Garden palette, both options create romantic and stunning looks in a garden venue. It’s in these weddings you’ll see natural burlap, branches and leaves, lace, and other sweet accents. Antique key or birch card holders, candle lanterns, and mason jars are ideas you can toy with if you’re falling for this theme like we did (keep an eye out for an upcoming post about creative mason jar uses too!).



Hostess with the Mostess

As an alternative to an expensive catered dinner at weddings, we think we’ll see more and more brides opting for a brunch time wedding, not only is it fun and whimsical, but it could be a more inexpensive option as well. One of the main features of a brunch wedding is, of course, the food. Get playful with pancakes, parfaits, and pastries. With the right touches breakfast foods can look more elegant than you ever believed. These weddings often use what we think are bright citrus colors, perhaps inspired by the fruit one might eat at a brunch buffet. The sunny yellows, reds, oranges, and blues keep the vibe light and airy, and definitely feel celebratory and cheerful. Enhancing that atmosphere is easy with equally airy hanging poms that come in all sorts of fun colors.



Something Turquoise


Catch My Party

Bridal showers are definitely an important and entertaining aspect leading up to a wedding, and we’ve noticed bridesmaids, mothers and other party planning members are no longer satisfied with predictable activities and themes. This means lots of new and inventive ideas for how to celebrate a bride’s big day, and we’re hopping on board to support it. From DIY nail bars and spa days, to wine-tasting and ‘stock the bar’ parties where attendees bring bottles and learn how to make tasty cocktails, the ideas are unlimited and we expect to see a lot more unusual but fantastic ideas soon. If planning a bridal shower is something you might be doing in 2015, keep a look out for a more extensive post on all the creative ideas you could use to surprise your bride-to-be friend.

Do you think our wedding trend predictions will come true? Let us know what you think will be popular this year and comment below!

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