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July 24, 2021

9 Charming Wedding Chair Sashes

With this post we hope to inspire our soon to be brides and event planners with these 9 charming wedding chair sashes. The ideas are really easy to customize to different themes and color palettes, and they’re a simple way to dress up any venue.

1. Two-Toned Organza Sashes

double organza chair sash tie


This look is a stunning use of two organza chair sashes, the layered purple and pink help to create a full bow and pull two colors of the wedding palette together. This would be very simple to execute for large volume events, and can be dressed up further with crystal, gems, or flowers.

2. Two-Toned Woven Organza Sashes



The two-toned look instantly reminded us of one of our own posts, 6 Ways to Create Chair Sashes with Organza Rolls. This chair style makes use of organza rolls instead of sashes, allowing anyone to customize the length of the organza. With just simple vertical weaving through the spindles of a chiarvari chair, this would be easy to execute while creating a truly luxurious look.

3. Organza Side Bow

Side Bow Organza chair sash


This is another fabulous style using organza. The low side bow is an elegant option, especially with the added accent that you see above. For an added sparkle to compliment your accents, use shimmering organza rolls that have a beautiful metallic sheen.

4. Rustic Burlap and Lace

Lace and burlap chair sash bow


For wedding themes that follow more rustic themes, this burlap chair sash and lace ribbon make a beautiful but simple combination, that adds just a little flair to chairs. A classic bow is always a great option, but adding sprigs of hay or wheat will elevate any rustic decor. For large volume weddings, burlap rolls and lace rolls may be more bang for your buck.

5. Satin Sash Bow

Simple bow chair sash


This simple satin sash bow is gorgeous, while the color palette certainly makes the look pop (check out our Winter Moonlight Color Palette to see more ways to combine these colors), this bow would work for any wedding. With just one satin sash per chair, and a diamond wrap to create the cinch in the middle of the bow, you’ll have an elegant but simple addition to event chairs.

6. Satin Sash Weave

Woven chair sash chiavari chair

Every Last Detail

This is another fabulous look that could be created with a satin or, for more texture, a taffeta sash. This style is an understated accent, making it perfect for themes and decor that have a lot of sparkle or color. With a tight weave through the spindles of the chiavari chairs, this pretty look is the perfect touch of style to basic chairs.

7. Simply Tied Ribbon

Tied ribbon chair sash

Wedding Chicks

If chair sashes aren’t look for you, ribbon is an excellent alternative. This look was created with simple ribbon strands, tied in uncomplicated knots and allowed to dangle down to create a ribbon waterfall effect. The chair featured here used sparkling gold ribbon to accent the bottom of the chair, but there are a lot of possibilities. Choose a monochromatic look, alternate ribbon colors, or create a ombre effect with a fading color scheme.

8. Ribbons with Flowers

Ribbon with flowers chair ties


This is another stunning style that uses simple ribbon very effectively. Using a thicker satin ribbon and small flowers to create a tiered look, this design is whimsical and feminine. Customize the ribbon and flower colors to suit your specific palette.

9. Sparkling Sequin Train

Sequin wedding chair sash

Style Me Pretty

Finally, and definitely one of our favorites, is this gorgeous sparking sequin train. While sequin chair sashes would certainly work, to create the long draping train as seen above, sequin table runners or sequin fabric rolls would be more effective. With the stunning sequins doing most of the work, a simple flower is all you need to finish this look.

For yet another option to dress up event chairs, chair covers or chair caps are another beautiful style that make easy but effective accents to any decor.

We hope you’re inspired by these 9 wedding chair sash ideas, let us know which is your favorite in the comments below!

Graphics & Writing: Mikayla | Graphics: Olivia

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