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January 22, 2021

A Chic Coral & Charcoal Combo

When used as a base, darker colors can make more colorful accents pop! Whether you’re going for modern chic or a more beachy vibe, this palette of charcoal and coral is a surefire winner.  Learn how to replicate it with some helpful tips along the way!


More basic colors like black, white, ivory, and gray will never go out of style.  On top of that, they can be used in conjunction with almost any color. The base of our table features a sleek 90 x 132 in. Rectangular Shantung Silk Tablecloth in Charcoal.  Shantung silk has a subtle ribbed texture and gives off a slight shine. While it’s just as durable as polyester this is one of my favorite materials since the ribbed texture adds a lovely subdued layer of elegance without the need for additional decor.  I also find that shantung silk is easier to iron than standard polyester thanks to the slightly sturdier fabric.

Use a solid table runner underneath a sheer one and you’ll find a whole new, more intricate runner.  For that pop of coral, we used a 14 x 108 in. Baroque Sheer Table Runner in Silver over a 14 x 108 in. Satin Table Runner in Coral.  The sides of the slightly larger satin table runner still appear a bright coral which matches our Coral Organza Sashes. In the middle however, you’ll find a more elegant black sheer material. Slightly muted coral shines through for a new layer of texture. Silver baroque brings in the gray from the surrounding charcoal tablecloth and the 18 in. Shantung Silk Napkins, also in charcoal. 

Replicate the napkin fold shown here by folding the napkin in three sections. We find that folding the top section down about three quarters of the way down and then overlapping the bottom part over that creates a more even fold.  For a crisper edge to the napkin fold, iron the napkin down after you’re finished with the fold. 


With such distinguished linen, you don’t want to hide the various layers of fabric and patterns. Find smaller accents that fill the table, leaving more of the table visible. More accents can make your tablescape feel cluttered. Here we used small clear votives with tea lights along the middle of the runner.  This adds a romantic light to the table and contributes to the aesthetic.

You’ll also see 11 in. Peach Silk Roses next to each clear votive. On the right side of the table, the roses are on the right side of the votive likewise the left side has them on the left . In the middle we put two clear votives closer together than the rest of the votives.  Between them is a single rose facing straight up. While not necessary, this adds a fun little detail to the table. To get a similar set up, just pop off the heads of the roses and discard the stems. 


Adding too much height to the table can throw off the balance of the table, so you’ll see no glasses here. Obviously once guests sit down there will be glasses, but it’s nice to have upscale tables seen as guests walk in.  If you’re worried about service without glasses, think about having an open bar or drink table for guests to serve themselves. Bartenders can be rented to add some control to alcohol consumption. 

Our Rose Gold Curved Silverware Set sits above a white salad plate.  Between these are our shantung napkins turned toward two and eight o’ clock.  Place silverware vertically to accentuate the turn of the napkin and the rose band on our Rose Gold Band Clear Glass Charger Plates

How did your table turn out?  Did you switch out the coral for another bold color?  Let us see and you could be featured on our social media sites!  Just send images to our Instagram, Facebook, or email us at

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