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June 4, 2020

Announcing our New Rental Page

LinenTablecloth is giving you a brand new rental page!  Many customers found our “How Rental Works” page to be difficult.  You’ve been heard, and now we’d like to see how you find the new one.  Read on to discover all our new features!

Easy to Read Policies

Before, our rental policy was one giant paragraph.  It was hard to read. Our new rental page features tabs at the bottom where you can click to find the information you need.  We’ve listed our tabs below as well as the information each contains.


This section gives you a broad breakdown of the whole rental process. From start to finish, find out when to place your order to how long it will take to receive your order.  We highly recommend reading about this process before you place your order. This way you’ll know about deadlines and the return process.


Once you’ve had your fabulous event, you’ll be able to ship those linen back.  You can either pay for the return labels yourself, or email us at for prepaid shipping labels.  This section also provides the address you’ll need to return the order to should you choose to provide your own label.

Quick Facts

Somewhat like the “About” tab, this tab provides a quick breakdown of policies.  We don’t recommend you solely rely on this tab for all your information, but it is a good place to brush up on the policy or get a feel for rentals if you’re trying to decide whether or not to purchase versus rent.

Contact Us

The last tab is our “Contact Us”.  Here you can find the best ways to contact us which would be through our Live Chat or email at We’d love to help you with any questions.

Updated Rental Information

Not only do we have bright icons showing you the rental process, we also have a bright new button you can use to start shopping for our tablecloths!  Further down the page, you’ll again see the tabs. Each tab has been looked over thoroughly and we promise to offer you the most up to date information on rentals!

Rental Product Examples

While the “Start Shopping Tablecloths” button is a great way to see our rental products, right below you’ll see some product photos.  This section of our “How Rentals Works” page lets you see some of our most popular rental items. You’ll see the price to buy and rent each product next to each other so you can easily compare both!  If you decide to purchase one of these items, simply click on the “View Product Details” button and you’ll be taken to that product page.

What are you waiting for?  Check out our “How Rental Works” page now and see what you’re missing!

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