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December 3, 2020

Applying Stretch Folding Chair Covers

Chair covers are an easy and affordable way to hide less than desirable chairs at your venue.  If your venue only has chairs that are a certain color or design, chair covers can also help you change the shape of the chair while sticking  to your palette. Despite all the benefits of chair covers, it can be difficult to apply them to chairs if you’ve never done it before. We’ll show you how to apply a stretch folding chair cover in the video below, as well as give you written step by step instructions. Click the play button to start!

Before we get too far along, we should state that LinenTablecloth Folding Chair Covers are only made to fit Samsonite folding chairs.  They will not fit any other brand or design.  

Step One

Take the chair cover out of the packaging and locate the two white pockets on the bottom.  Those two pockets are for the front legs of the chair. There should be a long pouch like pocket towards the bottom back the same color of the cover.  You’ll fit the bar on the bottom of your chair inside here. 

Step Two

Now that you can identify the front, back, and bottom, take the top and gently tug it over the chair.  You’ll find an elastic white cord inside the chair cover. It’s a little tricky (even for a pro) but grab the string and pull it back towards the underside of the chair.  It will cling to the bottom of the seat’s corners. This keeps the chair cover in place and gives the chair a nice solid shape compared to when it’s bare and missing most of its back.

Step Three

Drag one of the front corner pockets down toward its corresponding leg.  Tip the chair up and insert the leg into the pocket. Once you have one side done you’ll repeat this step for the other leg. 

Step Four

Turn the chair around and gently place the chair bar into the pocket.

That’s it! The folding chair should now have a fuller look in one of our rich thirty-two (32) color options.  Find more how to and inspirational videos on our YouTube Channel, updated regularly!

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