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June 4, 2020

Au Natural Tablescape Breakdown

Earth toned palettes will never go out of style.  They can be especially captivating in an outdoor setting surrounded by tall grasses or bountiful trees. Nervous about white linen as well as messy guests?  Natural shades like beige, brown, or even peaches can be a great alternative which you can add colorful accents to. Our Au Natural tablescape is one of our all time favorites and is super easy to replicate.  If you love it as much as we do, follow the guide below and recreate it at your own event!


Beautiful but simplistic, you’ll find a 90 x 132 in. Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth in beige as the staple for our tablescape.  17 in. Polyester Napkins, also in beige, were used. To get the look seen here, use two fingers to pinch the napkin in the middle. Take the middle and hang it like a handkerchief. Make a circle with your other fist and pull the fabric through it bottom/middle first.  You should end up with a triangular shape. Slide a napkin ring up through the “pointed end” to the middle. We used Gold Grain and Gold Coil Round Napkin Rings.

Far back in the corner, you’ll spy our cocktail cake table.  Still going with natural shades, this table features a 108 in. Round Satin Tablecloth in Gold.  The slightly darker color draws eyes to the table and gives the whole set up a nice contrast that still works together.  


Don’t be afraid to get a few branches from trees or add other floral elements to your table.  Ask before you take at event venues, but many are okay with you taking elements from the surrounding area.  As long as it’s not landscaped of course. This photo was actually taken in the back of our showroom! No willows were available for the center runner, but thanks to our new 5.5 ft. Willow Garlands that didn’t stop us.

To add a warmer, more romantic feel to our Au Natural table, quite a few candles are present.  Six (6) small mason jars were filled with pebbles and a single tealight placed on top. The mason jars were placed above each place setting.  Place labels with guests name on each mason jar for an easy and fun seat placement. Look closely and you’ll see our two candlesticks are actually different heights.  This adds a little depth and variation to the setting. Mix and match different metals to enhance this look further as seen in our serveware and the vintage time warped silver candlesticks.


In keeping with our natural palette and mixed metals, we used copper chargers underneath the napkins.  Another metal was used for the silverware as well. In most light, our 50 Piece Curved Silverware Set in Rose Gold tends to give off a darker coloring similar to copper.  While not sold by LinenTablecloth, you’ll also find Balloon Wine Glasses filled with a white wine from Festive Hill Winery in West Linn, OR.

How will you use the colors of the earth around you as inspiration for your event?  

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