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August 4, 2021

August 2019 Mood Board

August is here with the heat!  Take that fire and bring it into your event with inspiration from our August 2019 Mood Board.  Warm marsala and refreshing reseda work together to provide a palette perfect for the end of summer.  Keep reading to find out how we did it.


Marsala reminds us of summer sunsets.  As August is the last official month of summer, we feel this 90 x 132 in. Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth in Marsala is perfect for summer end celebrations. Calm and revitalizing, 20 in. Polyester Napkins in Reseda add contrast to our mood board palette.  Fold the napkins into a third of its size and press flat. Tuck each napkin end under the charger for a similar look.

Elevate your table further with white, marsala, or reseda sashes around gold chiavari chairs!


Switch things up from the norm by creating a candle table runner.  Place small clear round votives along the middle of the table in a row.  Not only will it give guests light to dine by, it’ll also help with the romantic and serene ambiance. 

For every three small votives, a slightly larger bubble vase was placed within the “runner”.  Each vase contains one white hydrangea head. Within the flower head, you’ll find eucalyptus. The green of the eucalyptus pairs well with our reseda napkins while the white hydrangea helps to balance the strong marsala.  Cut the eucalyptus bunch into smaller fronds before placing it in your vase when trying to spread it out inside the hydrangea flower head. This will allow you to raise and lower individual fronds for a more natural look.


Gold Rimmed Charger Plate Sets in White were used for each setting.  The chargers themselves form an excellent, and useful, eye catcher. If you’re not a fan of the fold shown here, try some of our other napkin fold tutorials on our YouTube channel. Delicately balanced in the middle of each napkin, atop the sets, is a single flower head.  For quick and easy decor such as this, try our 2 in. Plum Blossom Heads (20/pack).   

Summer is fleeting, so make your August event one to remember.  Follow our blog and newsletter for the latest products, trends, and updates!

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