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March 25, 2019

Autumn Harvest Tablescape Breakdown

Autumn has arrived!  Pumpkins, hayrides, and crisp cool breezes.  Fields gleam golden in the afternoon light, ready for harvest.  Being from a small farm town, that is one of my oldest and favorite memories.  In an attempt to capture that feeling, we’ve created an Autumn Harvest Tablescape.  Keep reading for a breakdown of everything that went into this.


Gold seemed a bit too dark so for this tablescape we actually used a Cantaloupe 120 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth. Cantaloupe is a much lighter and carries a slightly orange tint to it. Matching 20 in. Polyester Napkins were folded into a Fleur de Lis pattern and “capped” off with a Chocolate Acrylic Napkin Ring.


Click here to learn how to fold your napkins into a Fleur de Lis shape with our easy to follow YouTube napkin tutorial.


The final piece of linen on the table was actually sheer.  We used a 60 in. Square Sheer Yellow Roses Overlay. Our table was 60 in. in diameter so we had to be very careful about how we laid the overlay as it barely gave any drape, but that was the look we were going for.  The green vines throughout the overlay add additional color and texture. It also helps draw from the orange tint creating a more even yellow tone in the tablescape.


Harvest time is generally more focused on gourds, leaves, and stalks of wheat then floral arrangements.  To try and keep with the theme we chose subtle hydrangeas in white and champagne. They were then placed inside a tarnished metal bucket and atop a slice of a wood log.


Name place holders perched on little hay bales are my personal favorite on this tablescape.  Hay is one of fall’s many defining aesthetic pieces. The color of the hay also ties in the gold in our overlay and the rest of our accessories.


Since we had such a complex overlay underneath we wanted a simple charger.  Using our Gold Beaded Clear Glass Charger Plates 4/Pack, you can clearly see the flowering overlay underneath.  Bright beads on the edge of the charger also add color to our tablescape.

When you’re partying through the night it can get quite dark.  We added Gold Renaissance Votives to our tablescape for a bit of light and to keep with our clear gold theme. The scrollwork on the votives also complimented the vines on the overlay nicely.

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