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May 30, 2020

Blushing Sunrise Palette Breakdown

Weddings are joyous occasions, and to represent the emotions you feel, palettes are often either very soft and light or rich and vibrant.  When you’re trying to create a more romantic, whimsical atmosphere, darker and more natural colors paired with soft accents can help you create a look straight from a fairy tale.  Get ideas for your event tables with the breakdown of our own table used to create our blushing sunrise palette.


As stated above, darker colors are key when putting together a whimsical look. We recommend using natural color tones, like the 108 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth shown here in Chocolate.  Other colors like beige and charcoal also seem to work well when putting together a palette such as this.

In addition to our deep chocolate tablecloth, we used 18 in. Shantung Silk Napkins in Beige.  Shantung Silk has a subtle ribbed texture which makes it stand apart from the polyester. This material also adds texture to the tablescape base. Chairs were adorned with organza sashes to further create and airy feel.


To create a softer, more feminine look contrast your darker linen with colorful flowers and other accessories. Sticking with the natural look, we used combinations of champagne and pink silk flowers, mainly hydrangea heads and 10 in. Silk Peonies.  Scatter them along the length of the table to create a fantastic floral runner. Use colors akin to peaches, pink, and white if you’re going for a similar blushing palette.

For light, we placed votives on both sides of the runner.  Candles further create depth with the shadows and flickering light from the flame.  If you’re having an evening reception outside it provides the basic function of helping people see without creating a fire hazard.


Complimenting the natural colors found in our flowers and linen, you’ll see pieces from our 50 Piece Square Handled Silverware Set Gold.  This particular set of silverware has more of a matte finish. This cuts down on the distracting shine found with most metal silverware sets. The gold matte also almost perfectly matches the gold edging found on our 4 pcs Gold Rimmed Charger Plate Set White.

If offering coffee, tea, and the like, consider adding a teacup to chargers or plates for easy self service.  Handles on teacups should always be facing about four o’clock. Along with the single teacup you’ll also spy a gold rimmed water goblet. The functions are for all intents and purposes the same and work especially well in tandem with events where you don’t expect to serve alcohol.

Let us see what colors you put together to create the blushing palette of your dreams!  Tag us in photos on Instagram or post to our Facebook page. Send in your event photos and you could be featured on one of our social media platforms!

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