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June 4, 2020

Buckets Versus Vases

Vases are a staple of tablescape design. They can be versatile and elegant in their design, which adds to the beauty of floral arrangements.  However, if you’re looking for something a little different, and maybe a little sturdier, consider using buckets in your centerpiece and event accents.


For the most part, vases tend to be made of clear glass.  This allows guests to see into the bottom of vases, so you either have to be okay with stems showing, or spend more on vase filler.  Metal or plastic pails allow you to add texture and more color to tablescapes while negating the need for vase filler. Paint on the buckets or use chalkboard spray to create custom centerpieces with table numbers or event themed sayings.


By using a bucket, you give yourself more room for stuffing and padding if you’re not using the whole flower.  This can also cut down on the overall cost of your flowers. If you fill up the bucket with Styrofoam or fake grass, you’ll only have to do the rim and top of the arrangement.  The picture below uses a white bucket which was mostly filled with old bubble wrap.


Not only are you going to save when purchasing less flowers, but also on the bucket itself.  Of course, this will depend on the vases you were going to use compared to the bucket. For the most part though, affordable buckets in a wide variety of sizes can be found at any department store.  Look for larger pails in the garden sections during spring and summer.


When your event is over, smaller buckets can be used as take home favors for special guests.  You can also re-purpose them as home and garden decor.


Due to many vases being made of glass, to prevent shattering, they’re set upon the tables and nowhere else.  Buckets can be used virtually anywhere. Line pathways, place them on tables, or stack them up for a unique accent piece. Generally they have a larger bottom, so they’re harder to tip over and since they’re made of metal or plastic, won’t break even if that does happen.

Would you ever consider using buckets instead of vases?  Let us know at or send us a message on Facebook!

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