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March 25, 2019

From David’s Bridal to your table, LinenTablecloth compares Malibu and Caribbean colors

It’s effortless getting excited for spring this year with our limitless linen combinations. And for those of you tying the knot, we have been carefully toiling away to bring you options to match every theme. From David’s Bridal, we picked up a set of swatches to make your mouth water. And the best part? We can find a match with our linens to every dress color. After all, we want you to look and feel your best about your big day.

At LinenTablecloth, we offer only high quality linens at incredible prices. So this spring, deck your bridesmaids in whatever decadence you can dream up. We’re here to provide the chance for your inner muse to really go all out on creativity without breaking the bank, and certainly without quality regrets. If you have any doubts, we recommend requesting a swatch from your dressmaker and of course, from your favorite linen retailer. You’ll be amazed at how great the colors match and how little you had to spend to make your wedding everything you have ever dreamed.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest                         Source: via Eva on Pinterest

Let’s look at a really hot color this season. David’s Bridal calls this color Malibu. It’s a brilliant cerulean blue with a mild undercurrent of mild sea foam green – the exact color of a wide open ocean on a warm spring day. I can almost taste the cocktails. Our Caribbean satin is super comparable. After extensive studying with both fabrics at my immediate disposal, I can tell you this: they are almost identical. The Malibu doesn’t quite catch the light as boldly. Like the actual Caribbean, our satin dances with the light, holds it tenderly, like a lover. And together they are dynamic beyond words. For those of you considering this extraordinary color for your bridal party, you will not be disappointed.

Now the fun part — I have a lot of fabric to compare this to. In the chart below, I’ve outlined some great combos and some less effective ones complete with a couple themes. So if you’re still waiting for inspiration to click, hopefully this will be the inspiration you were waiting for. Happy reading and an even happier happily ever after!


Source: via Gayle on Pinterest                                                                   Source: via Vicky on Pinterest 

This tone is not only dazzling, but can be used in almost any theme. Rustic weddings with chocolate/copper browns and a Caribbean accent are dazzling. Peacock themes with bright green and teal/lavender/silver accents are perky and attention grabbing. Oceanic themes with beiges and ivory accents are soothing and serene. For a boisterous royal feel, you could use the Caribbean to accent burgundy and black. For a circus theme black, beige and dusty rose would fit nicely. You could even pull off an alternative theme scheme with this color – for a vintage steam punk-esque feel using coppers and silvers. The opportunities are endless. So plan ahead and really work up the details-we’re here to supply the finishing touches.

Source: via Julie Gambrell, Classic Creations Weddings on Pinterest


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