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August 26, 2019

Centerpieces for Wintertime Bliss

Holding a winter wedding can be challenging.  Venues are cheaper, but certain locations are smaller, or only open in warmer conditions.  Floral arrangements that are in season are also harder to come by. While we can’t help you in selecting your venue, if you’re having a hard time with centerpieces, keep reading for different ideas.

Fiery Vases

Not quite what we made it out to be.  One or multiple sized vases on a table filled with water brings in the ice and snow element of a winter wedding.  Floating candles bring in a romantic element and can help add light to guest tables. For additional coloring, winter berries, small pine branches, and even crystals can be added to the vase bottom.


Available in all shapes, sizes, and colors lanterns are also a great source of light and can be purchased, or even rented, from certain venues.  Place them in the center of the table, above guest plates, or hang them from shepherd hooks to light the way.

Winter Plants

If flowers aren’t in season, florists will more than likely charge you a higher price or say they’re not available outright.  Depending on your area though, poinsettias, pine boughs, and eucalyptus can be bright alternatives. Arrange these as wreaths and garlands or pair them together in vases.


Maybe your palette is a bit more, icy, and red flowers just won’t do.  Try adding hanging crystals on a Manzanita Tree. You can also scatter acrylic diamonds and fake gems on tables for extra glitter.


While generally accents on Christmas trees, you can use ornaments as centerpieces for colorful seasonal decor.  Gather branches together in a vase and hang smaller ornaments from the bare branches. Ornaments can also be the main centerpiece by collecting multiple sizes.  Mix them together in the center of the table along with small candles and fake snow.

Let us know what you think! Share your winter centerpiece ideas with us at  You can also send pictures to our Facebook page!

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