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April 14, 2021

Christmas in July Treats

Summer is a time for barbeques, floating down the river, and partying while the sun still shines (or doesn’t).  If you’re in the holiday mood but feel that sun beating down, try throwing a Christmas in July party!


After scouring the internet, we’ve listed some of our favorite Christmas in July treats below.  Find detailed steps and a list of necessary ingredients by clicking on the heading for each item. 



Reindeer Sliders

While we only have the nine (9) sleigh-bearing reindeer shown for photo purposes, we highly recommend making lots more.  The linked recipe also calls for sloppy joe mix; we used pulled pork to great success.  Don’t be afraid to swap out different ingredients for something you think would work or taste better!



Pineapple Tree

This guy was by far the easiest to complete.  All you need are a few small ornaments and some sunglasses.  Hang the ornaments from the pineapple leaves, slide the sunglasses on and viola! Pineapple Christmas Tree Man.  Side note: we did eat him after the shoot.


Watermelon Snowman

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon juice slowly running down your chin.  To add in a little winter flair, you can add a scarf and some stick arms and create a super cute watermelon snowman.  Toothpicks stuck into grapes became a sweet smile and he got a watermelon nose. Use the other half of the watermelon in order to have enough watermelon balls/filling for the actual snowman.  Grapes, blackberries, and other melons can also be a great way to add color and extra fruit to your spread.


Strawberry Christmas Tree

With a simple foam cone from our local craft store, we stuck toothpicks into strawberries and then into the foam cone.  Bigger strawberries of course went toward the bottom and smaller ones went toward the top. We topped our tree off with a green watermelon rind star to counter some of the red.


Overall our Christmas in July spread was extremely healthy consisting of fruit, add in some green salad, seasonal desserts, and burgers and you have the best of both seasons food wise.


Nothing says summer more than classic checkered linen.  LinenTablecloth offers both red and green checkered tablecloths, napkins, and table skirting.  We chose to go with green checkered skirting since we already had so much red on top.


Learn how to fold napkins deli, or pyramid, style with this simple tutorial found on our YouTube channel.  You can also find holiday napkin folds such as Christmas Trees on our channel if you really want to get into the spirit.


Share your own tablescapes with us by emailing pictures to or messaging us on Facebook!

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