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March 25, 2019

Classic Halloween Tablescape Breakdown 2018

Orange and black are the classic Halloween combo colors, much like green and red symbolize Christmas.  If you’re looking for textbook Halloween tablescapes, check out this boo-tiful design below.



Halloween, while mainly for children, is still seen as a very spooky holiday.  Ghosts, ghouls, goblins and other creatures of the night walk the streets on All Hallow’s Eve and we wanted to bring that to the table so to speak.  In order to accomplish this, we stuck with all black linen. A 120 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth in Black was accompanied by 20 in. Polyester Napkins. Each napkin was put into a silverware roll and held in place by Peony Napkin Rings in Black.


The one bright spot of color on the tablescape came from our orange acrylic chargers.  13 in. standard and fluted charger plates were used in alteration to give the table some additional texture and depth.  Orange is such a bright color it also helped break up the napkins from the tablecloth.


Spooktacular evenings are never complete without lanterns swaying in the wind.  Using a shepherd hook and a lantern on a chain we created an easy, elegant yet eerie centerpiece.  The lantern itself as well as the addition of spiderwebs from the top down helped with the creepily classic time-lapse of our Halloween tablescape.


Obviously the eyeballs in our Silver Tulip Bowl are not real, but you can find them around Halloween at your local dollar or department store.  While all of the ones in this tablescape have green irises we also saw some with purple, blue, and red irises if you’re feeling so inclined. The peanut butter candies in black and orange rest in our Silver Lily Platter.  These candies, and the cobwebs adorning the table, also came from our local dollar store. The wine is from Festive Hill Wineries in West Linn, OR.

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