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August 26, 2019

Cocktail Tables 101

Cocktail tables. They offer a mingling point perfect for offering a place for your guests to talk while eating hors d’oeuvres and drinking.  While we can’t possibly create a post with all the possibilities cocktail tables offer, we can go over sizing and common practices to help you when you’re setting up. Find those answers (and a little more) down below.


Cocktail tables are tricky because though all of them look similar, dimensions can vary slightly. This causes tablecloths to fall differently and the standard may not fit your table because of a larger top or higher leg.

The most common dimensions for cocktail tables are 30 in. in diameter and about 42 in. tall.  Bases also differ. We’ve found that the standard table has four legs which add to the height.  If your cocktail table uses a round flat base, similar to the table top, make sure to measure the height.

When using the standard size, a 118 in. or 120 in. round tablecloth will give you a full drop.  If you choose to use a 120 in. round, the fabric will sometimes flair out a bit but it will not puddle.  Generally the normal drops are about 15 in., this can be accomplished with a 54-60 in. square tablecloth. 72 in. overlays are also an option and will fall about 21 in. at the corner.

Many cocktail tables come with two heights of poles so you can adjust the height at will.  Instead of the table being 42 in. tall you can create one that is 30 in. If lowering the table it is recommended to switch to a smaller table top if possible.  We use a 24 in. in this case. Either way, we recommend 90 in. tablecloths for the full drop

Common Uses

Use higher cocktails when providing a spot for drinks when people are mingling.  Proms, event gathers, and some weddings will scatter these through the venue. Higher tables can also be used for cake or sign in tables.  Smaller cocktail tables are commonly used for seating either one or two people. Sweetheart tables and accented tables-for flowers and such work well with this set up.

Do you have more questions about cocktail tables?  Shoot them our way at or ask for help on our Facebook page.  

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