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September 15, 2019

Color Palette: Back to the Fuchsia

Think fuchsia is just a summer color? Think again. Fuchsia, a dazzling color that perfectly blends bright pink and purple, takes after the vivid flower of the fuchsia plant. Although the color and the flower might evoke thoughts of tropical, warm weather and might not be the first color you think of when it comes to a winter color palette, the complementary colors we’ve paired this brilliant pink-purple with lends a soothing touch that falls in line with the serenity of winter.

We’ve taken fuchsia and combined it with a cool navy blue and a neutral beige for a striking mix that will take you back to the fuchsia and lift your spirits from the cold winter blues. With the combination of navy blue and beige being somewhat nautical and subdued, this bright and vibrant shade of pink gives the ‘pop’ that makes for a unique blend that stands out and makes a statement.


Back to the Fuchsia Color Palette

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Do you find this color palette as gorgeous as we do? Luckily we have various linens in fuchsia, beige, and navy blue, so you can incorporate this elegant color combination into your wedding or special occasion.

Have you used this color combination? Did you use our products? Send your pictures to and you could be featured on our customer spotlight! Have a lovely day and stay warm!

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