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August 21, 2019

Creating a Statement Table

Everyone wants an event that will blow their guests away.  However, weddings and other special events can quickly drain your budget.  You don’t have to give up an elegant and awe inspiring look for your venue even with a tight budget.  Statement tables allow you to show off important tables and draw eyes to the more important parts of the event such as cake tables, sweethearts, as well as guest book tables or honoree members.  Keep reading to find out how to make your tables pop!


If you’re going to go with standard tablecloths for the rest of your event, switch things up a little.  Spending a little extra on a statement piece, like a premium tablecloth, can accent your color palette and make everything else seem that much more elegant and chic.  A bold 120 in. Round Sequin Tablecloth in Black was used. Though the rest of the tablescape also uses heavy black items, this stands apart thanks to the metallic gleam of sequins. We imagine this tablescape to be used for a head table, for example, for the bride, groom, maid of honor, and best man.


In our tablescape below, everything was made from black items.  We used the 10 x 10 ft. Payette Sequin Backdrop Draping Gold backdrops to add color and further distinguish this table from the rest. The spotlight illuminates the gold in the background ever so subtly which portrays a hidden depth to the table.  Not only does this help set the mood for the event, it also can help you hide items that are no longer needed. Set up materials, boxes, or unsightly walls, all can be covered with the help of backdrop draping.


One light was used to capture this Black Out table.  With the rest of our stage in darkness, the eyes are drawn to the thing which is lit up.  Creating a contrast to your statement table and the rest of your venue is key. Use stage lights or different colored lights to help brighten and further set the tone you’d like to convey for that table.

Send us pictures of your statement tables!  Email, message us on Facebook, or tag us on Instagram @linentablecloth.

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