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July 31, 2021

Creating Tablescapes That Will Blow Your Mind

Tablescapes are artistic, beautiful ways to design table settings. They are created to set the tone for the event and wow your guests with a beautiful ambiance. Tablescapes can make or break your event, you want to be sure that they are stunning and eye-catching. Here is how to create a mind-blowing tablescape for your next event! 

Color Palette 

Determine the color palette you’d like to go with before starting. This will set a base for you to start with. Don’t shy away from bright colors here, they can really make a difference. The perfect color palette contains three colors. Linentablecloth offers 32 different colors! Check them out here!


To create a beautiful tablescape you must have layers. You want to be sure to add texture to your with different material items. Layers should include the following:

  • Tablecloth
  • Table Runner
  • Centerpieces 
  • Charger Plates
  • Napkins
  • Silverware/Dinnerware
  • Flowers


Start by laying your freshly ironed tablecloth first. You want to set your foundation here, this is the first thing your guests will notice. Then you’ll lay your beautiful runner. 


Next up is your centerpiece. Creating a centerpiece is a challenge all in itself. You want to be sure that your centerpiece does not block your guests view and blends into the color palette nicely. The centerpiece should make a statement! 

Place Settings

Now here comes the fun! Let’s create place settings for each of your guests. Place settings should allow for ample room for each guest to dine comfortably. Add your dishes, silverware, and candles to the table. 


You can end with a special touch of personalization. Your guests will feel extra special if they have a tag with their names on them. It also keeps things organized. 

Voila! You’ve created a beautiful tablescape. Share your ideas with us! 



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