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December 3, 2020

Cute Event Tables Under $25

Events can be expensive.  In this post, we’ll go over some tricks for creating an exquisite event table for under $25.  If you’re on a tight budget, this can leave more room for other expenses such as your venue, catering, or even your wedding dress!


Depending on your event venue, it’s possible you’ll have the option to use wooden tables.  Wooden tables provide texture without the need for additional decor. Exchange tablecloths and take advantage of the texture with premium table runners.  At 108 in. long, runners fit the whole length of almost every table imaginable. The grain of the table will accentuate the material and color of the runner as well.  Find the full selection of our table runners by clicking here. In our example table, we used (1) 5 x 156 in. Cheesecloth Runner in Black which, at the time of this post, cost $2.33.

Don’t have wooden tables? No problem!  While you can still use just runners, another option is renting tablecloths.  Depending on the size of the table, you can often get away with a smaller size such as our 60 x 102 or 60 x 126 in. tablecloths.  Find out what size you need for your event with our free Sizing Tool. You can currently rent 60 x 102 in. polyester tablecloths for just $1.71. While not available for rent, you can also add a 14 x 108 in. satin or organza table runner to your tablecloth.

Chargers and other fancy place setting pieces aren’t necessary to let guests know where to sit.  Quality 20 in. Polyester Napkins are sold in packs of a dozen (12) and can be folded into a bunch of cool designs.  View some of our favorites on our YouTube channel. New tutorials are constantly being added, so if you don’t find one that’s right for you, check back!  We also accept submissions, just email


For some more flair to your place settings, finish off the napkin fold with a bright ribbon.  Color coordinate your napkin/ribbon combo with the other colors from your palette. Find various sizes and colors of ribbon at your local department and dollar stores.

Real flowers rack up event costs quicker than you’d think.  An easy way around that are our silk flower bouquets. You’ll see two (2) 12 in. Garden Bouquets in Tea Green in our mock table which cost a total of $8.44.  The vases and vase filler was both acquired at dollar stores bringing the total cost of our floral pieces to a whopping $12.44.

The last piece included in our mock table are candles.  Warm and romantic you can find candles in just about every shape, size, and color.  Again, these were acquired at our local dollar store to bring costs down.

Still Under $25?

So how much did we spend in total making our event table?

Let us know which products you used to create your budget friendly table – did you get under $25? No matter the event, you deserve quality items which make your guests go “Wow!”  That’s why we promise to bring you premium products at affordable prices as you find #EndlessWaystoCelebrate.

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