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May 6, 2021

DIY Hanging Decor Chandelier

After compiling our list of 14 hanging decor ideas that we loved, we had to do our own project to share how easy it would be for all of you! We decided to use our colorful tissue poms and paper lanterns to create a DIY Hanging Decor Chandelier that would be unbelievably easy to customize to your color palette, and even easier to put together.


Inspired by the approaching Valentine’s day, we started by picking our color scheme of pink, red, and white. While you could use simple twine or string to create this chandelier, we decided to use 3 different colors of ribbon to dress it up. To begin this project, tie the ribbon in a place you can easily reach, but that also has enough space to let the chandelier hang without hitting the floor. We’ve tied it in a way that will let you move it to its intended destination later.

Begin with a large paper lantern, we chose red as our center point and used an ivory ribbon to secure it. This will be your anchoring ribbon, tie a secure knot around the support your using.


From there alternate small and large poms or lanterns, varying the colors to create a pleasing array of pink, red, and white (or whatever colors you use!). For each additional lantern or pom you hang, knot its ribbon around the first ribbon, instead of the support anchor. This will make it simple to move later, as you will only have to untie and retie one ribbon. We chose to pair ribbon with alternate colored poms and lanterns, pink dotted ribbon for white, red organdy ribbon for pink, and ivory organdy ribbon for red.


When we were done we had used two red 8 inch lanterns, one pink and one white 8 inch lantern, and two 12 inch lanterns, one in pink and one red. For the poms we ended up using two white and two pink poms in a 10 inch sizes. Once we had a nice variety of sizes and colors, we added a frosted crystal garland to the bottom of the paper lanterns for a little extra sparkle.

And you’re done! Now you have a simple to make, beautiful DIY hanging decor chandelier that will look stunning as it cascades from the ceiling above event tables.



What do you think of our DIY chandelier? If you love this look, you could WIN an 8 piece tissue pom set, to create a DIY hanging decor chandelier of your own!

Simply Comment on this blog post and tell us how and where you would use your chandelier! Giveaway ends 1/29.

Tissue Pom set includes: One 14in. Fuchsia pom, One 14in. Pink pom, Two 10in. White poms, One 10in. Fuchsia pom, Two 6in. Pink poms, and One 6in. Fuchsia pom.

Pictures, Graphics, & Content: Olivia | DIY project & Writing: Mikayla

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  1. wow great site… I just found it tonight… so excited.. have a water coloured wedding in the summer we are planning for.. the royal blue linens you have are perfect!!Thank you.

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