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April 14, 2021

DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

Baby, it’s cold outside! Nothing warms the soul like a rich, decadent, steaming cup of chocolate goodness. The trend of  Hot Chocolate Bars (aka Hot Cocoa Stations) have caught on recently as a perfect addition to winter weddings, Holiday parties, and other winter celebrations. Why not try it for your Christmas or New Year’s gatherings this year? All you need is a slow cooker and a few ingredients. Fun, easy, and your guests will love it. This also makes a fun project for the kids to help with.

To get started, either pick up some powdered hot cocoa mix, OR, if you want it to knock your guests socks off, make it from scratch. We highly recommend the latter! We used this recipe at our recent holiday gathering and everyone LOVED it! You can try it with various types of chips, we used classic chocolate and white chocolate in ours.

DIY Hot Chocolate Bar | LinenTablecloth Blog

The best part is choosing the toppings. (This will be the kids favorite part too!) Use your imagination in this step, you can really get creative with the treats you present. As you see in the photo, we used a variety of delicious add-ins, but there are so many more possibilities, including a variety of candies, different whipped cream flavors, cookie crumbs or even home-made marshmallows. Get ideas from guests, or the kids! For grown up parties, you can even feature mix-ins such as flavored liqueurs.  Even though the topping are self-explanatory, labels add that charming finished touch.

Here’s a few of our favorite examples of Hot Chocolate Bars that we drew inspiration from:

DIY Hot Chocolate Bar | LinenTablecloth Blog


DIY Hot Chocolate Bar | LinenTablecloth Blog

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DIY Hot Chocolate Bar | LinenTablecloth Blog

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