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May 10, 2021

DIY Save The Date Doily Banner


¬†When thinking about taking a photo for your wedding save the date, a popular and adorable idea that we’ve seen lately is to have the couple hold a banner between them. Before you order a customized banner, we wanted to share our idea for a DIY Save the Date Doily Banner that is inexpensive and unbelievably simple to make.

All you need is a stencil, white paper doilies, ribbon and metallic marker (we chose red and silver but you could easily pick colors that fit your color scheme).



For the first step, fold the doilies in half.


Next, begin stenciling your dates on the paper, have the month, day, and year on their own doilies. We recommend stenciling those very lightly in pencil first to make sure they’re centered and straight before you commit it to pen.


Next take your metallic marker of choice and begin to carefully fill in the numbers. For many stencils, the stencil font will leave you with gaps, we chose to fill those in freehand when we were done with the stencils to achieve the look we wanted.


Then measure the ribbon so that you have enough length to loop through all the doilies with enough extra space to have ribbon showing between doilies and for you to hold.


Then open the doilies and attach! We opted for the no dry time option of tape and left the doilies open at the bottom. But if you want to seal your doilies onto the ribbon or prefer glue, simply add small amounts to the ribbon and edges of the doily and press the corners together carefully.


With that you have a ready to go DIY save the date banner that was inexpensive, simple, and fun to make. Let us know how you customized your save the date banners, and comment below!

DIY Project, Pictures, & Design: Olivia | Writing: Mikayla

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