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August 3, 2020

DIY Wedding Corsage

Corsages and boutonnieres at weddings are worn as a sign of respect for the recipient.  Traditionally mothers, fathers, and grandparents were given flowers to wear to symbolize their importance to the couple. This tradition has since branched out. In addition to such flowers being given to the parents and grandparents, other important members of the couple’s lives may be given a corsage or boutonniere. Special family members such as an aunt or uncle or close friends who are helping out at the wedding but not in the bridal party may be given flowers to wear as an appreciation from the couple.

With so many flowers being given out an additional cost to the wedding budget is made. Simple wrist corsage designs start around $20 per corsage! That adds up quickly if you have several people you want to adorn with flowers. Even limiting corsages to mothers and grandmothers you’re looking at adding at least $100 to your overall budget!  We have put together a simple DIY design to help brides be able to pay respect to all the special people in her life -all while staying in budget! These easy to put together corsages can also be made for baby showers, birthdays, or school dances!

8.5×11 Sheet of white felt (You should be able to get 12 corsages out of one sheet)
Silk or fresh flowers in your choice of style and color (Smaller flowers such as carnations work best)
Floral greenery
Hot glue gun or floral glue
Ribbon in your choice of color

materials DIY corsage blog

Step 1: Start by cutting a 2×2” square from the felt. This is the foundation piece that will sit on top of your wrist. If you have a petite wrist or are making this for a child, adjust the size accordingly.

step 1 DIY Corsage Blog

Step 2: Begin arranging the flowers and greens on top of the felt. Make sure the felt is completely covered. Once you have found a design that you like, secure the flowers to the felt with your glue. Trim any excess felt that can be seen.

leaf on DIY Corsage blog step 2 diy corsage step 2 adding flowers step 2

Step 3: Cut a 12” piece of ribbon. Flip over your corsage so that all flowers are facing down. Glue the ribbon across the center of your piece of felt. Carefully press down the ends of the ribbon inot the glue. The glue will be hot so be sure not to touch it directly.

step 3 corsage diystep 3 corsage diy

Step 4: For the final step, you will cut another strip of felt. This time it will measure 2X1”. Glue the piece of felt over the top of the ribbon. This will keep the ribbon in place and reduce irritation on your skin.

step 4 diy corsage blog

Step 5: Tie the ribbon in a bow to secure it onto the recipient’s wrist. That’s it! A beautiful DIY corsage for a fraction of the cost of a florist.

mini rose corsage pink carnation corsage Orchid corsage peach rose corsagediy corsages



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