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July 17, 2019

End of Autumn Blues

Autumn is coming to a close.  For most of the nation that means the start of winter.  A select few will feel joy at the thought of the holidays, snowflakes, and colder weather.  However, for most people it’s just another obstacle in the way of summer and the end of autumn is looked at with apprehension.  If you fall into this category, take the time to appreciate the final aspects of all autumn has to offer-like hosting a leaf view party, similar to flower viewing in Japan.  Take a look at the tablescape breakdown below for inspiration.


Ideally any tablescape that you use for flower, or in this case leaf viewing, would indeed be outside.  Here in Portland, OR. though the end of autumn is synonymous with the start of the rainy season, so our tablescape was left safely inside.  If you’re in a similar situation take inspiration with fall colored linen like gold, red, burgundy, brown, and orange, or head outside afterword. We actually used a Fitted Velvet Table Skirt in Royal Blue.  Blue is not a traditional autumn color, but it does convey the “blues” theme.


While this end of autumn tablescape had a very strict color palette of golds and blues, take into consideration all of the flowers and color combinations fall has to offer.  Adding real or artificial leaves to your tablescape as well as select fall flowers can turn a simple table into a beautiful work of art. Keeping to our simple palette of blues and gold, our main flowers were 14 in. Yellow Sunflower Bunches 7pc/pk.  Marigold Silk Gerbera Daisies were also added for additional size variation.


What’s a good party without food?  A good portion of our tablescape was dedicated to plates as well as desserts.  At the start of the table we have plates from the Pioneer Woman Collection. A three-tiered cake took up the right corner surrounded by sunflowers.  Our Wedding Cake Server Set Tiny Roses 2 Piece is ready to cut it at a moment’s notice. Completing the tablescape, we have small cupcakes sitting on Gold Metallic Brushed Glass Charger Plates 4/Pack.

What are you doing to get rid of your end of autumn blues?  Let us know at!