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March 25, 2019

Etiquette to Remember When Attending Weddings

Wedding season has, for the most part, slowed and come to a spectacular conclusion.  However, for those of you attending weddings in late fall or early winter keep these five etiquette tips in mind.


One: Arrive on Time

This may seem obvious, but even working in the wedding industry I’ve had co-workers show up to weddings as the couple was saying their vows.  The couple took it in good stride with a sweet, “We’ll have the rest of our lives,” but still. Be courteous. A good rule is to arrive thirty minutes before the start time slotted on the invitation.  Sometimes that means you’ll wait a little longer as more people arrive but at least you won’t be showing up as the bride walks down the aisle.


Whether you go or not is totally up to you.  However, planning a wedding is stressful enough in its own right so make sure to RSVP and to do so by  the date requested. This includes plus ones. Don’t change numbers or suddenly decide to show up. Remember food, seating, and other arrangements have all been precalculated.  Stick to the plan and if something changes in between your RSVP and the wedding remember to contact the wedding party for approval.

Three: Attire

Don’t wear white. Just don’t. It’s an old rule and it still holds true. While bridal dresses have slowly started to vary into differing shades of ivory and pinks the majority are still white.  Leave it for the bride. No bride? We recommend skipping it just the same.


While on the subject of attire we also recommend dressing for the occasion.  Nowadays wedding invitations will usually state whether the dress code is formal or casual.  Make sure to follow the instructions. Not sure what to wear? Sending a casual email or text to the bride or groom asking for the dress code usually isn’t out of place.

Four: Don’t Overindulge

You don’t want to hear stories or see pictures a month later about how you were so wasted you gave unwanted toasts or tripped all over the dance floor.  The food and alcohol are there for everyone and you want to make sure there is enough for everyone. Remember food and drink are usually arranged at a per guest cost so going back for refills is probably not a great idea.

Five: Phones

Unless otherwise directed, make sure that your phone is put away.  No matter if you’re allowed to take pictures or not, always, always make sure your phone is on silent during the ceremony.


What do you think of our etiquette list?  Did we forget something? Leave us a comment below or send an email to with your own rule.