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July 9, 2020

Event Planning

Event planning is something that most of us may know little about, but we all know someone who dabbles in this from time to time, you may even be an event planner yourself. Let’s get down to business and discuss everything that goes into planning a wonderful event, one that makes your guests excited and ready to party. The key word is planning. Let’s dive deep into what all goes into planning the perfect event. 

Take out your paper and pen and get to work. First things first, what type of event are you planning? Will you have a large amount of guests or a quaint small group?  

What’s your budget? Money is always a factor. You want it to be a positive thing not a negative one or you’ll change the trajectory of your event for the worst. This is the best starting point. Once you know your budget you can fill in the blanks for the rest. There are a few things to consider here such as, the size of the event, staff needed, amenities, decor, and food. Let’s budget for each category. 

Next, we must consider what type of venue you want, home, community center, church, outdoors, indoors. This is another important part that weighs on the budget so take your time here. 

The first thing we all know is the decor has to be spectacular. There’s nothing like walking into a venue that has been totally transformed, it will blow your mind! To ensure your venue is mind blowing you must plan, plan, plan! A great tip is to grab some supplies such as poster boards and construction paper to layout your vision. 

Let’s recap, first you must determine what type of event you’re planning. Then, you establish a budget for the event and all of the amenities. Next, you’ll determine the environment. Lastly, you’ll plan your decor. 

Now that we’ve gotten you started on your planning we’d like to hear your tips for event planning. How do you plan for your events? 


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