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July 17, 2019

Fall Forest Feast

The dining room is one of the more underrated aspects for potential holiday decor in my opinion.  No matter what color that particular room is painted or decorated as most of the year, you can add a few tabletop touches to really get into the spirit of  the holidays. With Halloween past, view our Fall Forest Feast in celebration of soon to come Thanksgiving!


Autumn colors are pretty standard. Gold, brown, red, orange, and some shades of green are standard.  Basically if you can go outside and see it in your backyard or on a tree in October or November it’s acceptable.  We wanted to switch this palette up a bit though so we added the contrast to orange, purple, as well as white and brown.


Since this is a functioning dining room table, we didn’t actually have a full linen set. A 13 x 90 in. Chocolate Cotton Ribbed Table Runner formed the base over a light wooden table.  Orange Rectangular Burlap Placemats were placed on both sides of the runners edge. To complete the four person setting we added two Chocolate Single Striped Cotton Placemats. 17 in. Polyester Napkins in Purple Wine were folded on top of every plate to break up the stark white contrast between plate and bowl in the place setting.  It also brought out the purple in the centerpiece.


Fall and winter are not optimal growing seasons, even indoors, so artificial flowers were used for the centerpiece.  To create this look place purple wine, white, and orange sedum flowers in a jar with small branch shoots. Scatter leaves and rocks throughout the table for additional fall decoration.  We do recommend picking up some artificial leaves at your local department or dollar store if you choose to go this route since real leaves tend to have bugs attached and decompose. Flanking the floral centerpiece on either side are tiny wooden slabs.  Each slab contains a clear votive with a tealight for light and atmosphere.

Is your dining room decorated for fall? Send pictures to our Facebook page or for a chance to be featured on our social media!