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April 14, 2021

Our Favorite 2015 Fall Vase Filler Ideas

Looking for quick & easy DIY Fall Centerpieces or home accents? We collected our favorite 2015 charming and festive Fall Vase Filler Ideas to inspire you! No need to stress out about centerpieces for upcoming fall get-togethers- When the centerpiece is as easy as this, you can focus on the main event- the FOOD! Most of these ideas use inexpensive items or things found in nature, the grocery store, maybe even your back yard or pantry! Planning a fall wedding?  Many of these autumn-encompassing ideas can be used for wedding centerpieces! Showcasing warm colors and distinct textures is a must this season!


This fall vase filler is most definitely one of our top picks! Pumpkins are known to be fall’s most notorious decor accents, and can be found anywhere. You’ll find these popular gourds on porches, mantles and tablescapes. To get the look featured here simply pile mini pumpkins on top of each other until you reach the top. What could be easier? Want to go the extra mile and decorate your pumpkins? Check out our picture-perfect pumpkin tutorial!

Pumpkin Vase Filler

Fall Weddings


Acorns are the perfect size for a vase making it easy to add candles to. The best part? You’ll find an abundance of these little accents outdoors for FREE!

Acorn Vase Filler

Life At Cloverhill


Even more than acorns, leaves are accessible everywhere!  For this rich & modern look, spray paint them gold (or any color you prefer) like we did here! Tip: Spray painted leaves tend to be delicate, be careful when arranging them.

Gold Leaf Vase Filler



Birch branches are a wonderful way to add even more height to your vase if that’s the look you’re trying to achieve. You can even get creative and hang pumpkins, terrariums, or  from them.

Branch Vase Filler

Better Homes & Gardens


Apples or other autumn fruits & vegetables make great fall vase fillers. (You may want to have extra on hand if guests are tempted to snack on them!)

Apple Vase Filler

Good Housekeeping

Wine Corks

There’s two ways you can go about creating this piece: You can buy pre-packaged corks from the store OR you can go the more fun route of drinking a lot of wine! We have to say- the latter sounds a lot more enjoyable, plus you’ll get the gorgeous wine-stained tint to your display.

Wine Cork Vase Filler

For Rent


Another effortless option, these rich berry accents are great for a last minute holiday centerpiece. The color fits well for Autumn and carries over perfectly for winter!

Cranberry Vase Filler

All Things Heart & Home


Mixing of variety of rice grains provides dimension and a magnificent contrast to your piece. You can even attempt to DIY your own colors to match your holiday palette.

Rice Vase Filler

Better Homes & Gardens

Candy Corn

This fun idea may require some willpower! Plan to have a bowl of extra candy corn around!

Candy Corn Vase Filler

A Pinterest Addict


And on that note…let’s not forget REAL corn. Corn Kernels are affordable (get them in bulk at your local grocery store) and provide a warm golden yellow color to centerpieces.

Corn Kernel Vase Filller

Amanda Jane Brown


Again, a variety of nuts will be easy to get in bulk as well. Pair these with corn kernels and split peas, topped with mini-pumpkins for an array of colors as seen here.

Nuts Vase Filler

Celebrations at Home


Vibrant orange carrots mix beautifully with any fall color scheme.

Carrot & Floral Centerpiece

Better Homes & Gardens


Wheat is simple and provides such wonderful rustic vibes.

Wheat Filled Vase

Style Me Pretty

It’s not too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving centerpieces. You’ve got to be dying to try out some of these ideas now.  If so, please share photos of your creation!

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