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September 22, 2020

Featured Sale: THE DAILY DOZEN

So what’s the Daily Dozen! Well it’s your best friend if you’re into beautiful rooms filled with glistening accessories and tablecloths. Here’s a rundown of what a daily dozen sale is, a daily dozen sale consists of some of our top products ready to fly off the shelves marked down to 75% off. We’ll have a certain pick of items that match the theme for the day. We’ve handpicked these items to make your next event specially designed and one of a kind. 

Let’s take today’s  (1/15/2020) daily dozen items for example. We have some great floral products ready to give you a head start on your next event! This is the perfect time to take advantage of some of our most loved products at a nice, low price! 

You can catch deals like this every, single, day. All you need to do is check our website daily for the latest Daily Dozen. You’ll never know what we’ll post next so it’s important to be up to date. Also, look out for our emails that remind you every week about our deals!

Last but not least, all Daily Dozen items will be added to our Clearance section the next day for up to 60% off, so no worries if you miss a sale, we’ll keep the deals coming for you! They’re waiting for you! 

Check out the Daily Dozen Sale daily here:

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