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May 30, 2020

Flower Tower DIY

It can be hard thinking of new and unique centerpieces for your special event, especially if you’re an event planner.  Flower towers are a great resource for custom event centerpieces. They can add height or color to any table and offer somewhere to direct your guests gazes.  If you feel like a flower tower on every table is a little much, try it on sign in, cake, or buffet table as extra decor. Keep scrolling to find out how we built our tower!

Before we get into the details, you will need the following:

Step One

Grab a strand of your flowers and carefully wrap it around your stand.  We recommend starting from the bottom up. It’s important to weave at least the first two strands in and out around the base for a solid start.  Continue to add strands as you work your way up. This should take about a pack and a half of flowers depending on the height of your stand.

When you’ve got your base done, you can add more strands to fill out the base or cover spots that may have been missed originally.

Step Two

Take your Christmas light strand and weave it in and out of flower strands in a spiral pattern.  This time, we recommend starting at the top and working your way down. You can turn the light bulbs facing out to add more light to the tower.

Step Three

This step is optional but it’s a good chance to add additional color to your flower tower, even if it’s just different tones. Place various flower heads into the hydrangea strands.  Keeping the stems on the flowers will help them stay in place better, however sticking them through the flowers and into the base is somewhat more challenging.

Step Four

All that’s left to do is plug in your lights and admire your creation.  If your plug doesn’t reach far enough, take a runner and an extension cord. From the bottom of the base thread the lights and extension cord under the runner and run it down the table.  Just be careful of the tripping hazard.

What do you think of our flower tower centerpiece?  Let us know by sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram! We also love seeing your interpretations of tablescapes and decor!

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