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November 20, 2019

Glacial Allure Tablescape Breakdown

Winter. Ice and deadly cold, but also deadly beautiful.  There’s something about surviving freezing winds only to be greeted with a cozy fire once you step inside.  This Glacial Allure tablescape serves to capture the best parts of winter in an elegant and refined way. Read on for a complete breakdown.


We chose to use a 108 in. Abstract Silk Embroidered Tablecloth in Baby Blue for the base.  The design reminds me of ice skate tracks left on a frozen lake. The heavy material also adds that sense of regality.  Dark 18 in. Shantung Silk Napkins in Navy Blue help to add color and distinguish the chargers from the tablecloth.



Keeping with our palette colors, a full setting of silver flatware was used.  Clear like glacial ice, we also set the table with a water, wine, and champagne glass.  13 in. White Sunburst Chargers were set on top of the Shantung Silk Napkins.


The white of the chargers matched with the heads from the 19 in. White Silk Hydrangea Bushes.  We popped the heads off and scattered them around the bases of the stands. This allowed us to use the flowers without having to put them in a vase.  The heads of Sapphire Blue Peruvian Lilies were also scattered about the hydrangeas to incorporate the darker blues of the palette.


Vintage Birdcage Pedestal Pillar Candle Holders were taken apart so we only had the base stands.  The stands were placed among the flowers and topped with vases instead of their original cages.


What would a glacial tablescape be without ice?  Acrylic diamonds, fake ice, as well as blue vase filler were added to vases filled with water.  Floating candles were then placed in each of the three vases and lit to bring in that cozy fire element.   The blue gems found in the vases were also scattered around the charger edges for additional color.

Send us your thoughts on our Glacial Allure tablescape, or pictures of your own rendition at!

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