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June 4, 2020

Holiday Treat Tablescape Breakdown

Everyone loves snacks!   During the holidays special treats can bring people together  whether you’re at home, in the office, or throwing a holiday event.  Read on for a breakdown of our Holiday Treat Tablescape.


One misconception about Christmas is that there are set colors.  This time of year variations of red and green linen are in demand more than ever. While tradition, this isn’t a rule. For our treat table, we chose to use a Navy Blue 90 x 132 in. Polyester Tablecloth.  This table is only 4 ft. long, so the extra fabric gave us a bit of draping for a more elegant look.


In search of a more traditional, rustic Christmas look, we used a 13 x 108 in. Lace Burlap Table Runner.  This breaks up the solid blue of the table, giving it more depth and a little more accent to liven the tablescape as a whole.


False snow and berries from our centerpiece were scattered throughout the tablescape for color and a seasonal touch.  Pinecones were also scattered around the table. For more ideas about how to use pinecones, check out our previous blog, “Pinecones as Winter Event Decor.”


The centerpiece created using real pine boughs we found outside.  It gave off a nice scent and combined well with the 16 in. Silk Berries in Red as winter floral.  While we love pine, if you’re holding a large event and thinking of using real tree branches, we recommend asking if anyone is allergic to them first.  Place a wooden slab under arrangements as shown to add height.


A cake stand with instant cocoa provides a warm drink for guests.  Cups were put under the stand to save space, but if you’re planning on doing this for a group consider a pyramid of cups behind the cake stand instead of underneath.  Boxes filled with layers of cocoa, as well as cider and other instant drinks, can add more available packs for less refilling. Larger marshmallows, pretzels, and seasonal candy like gumdrops and peppermints rounded out the tablescape.  Clear apothecary jars held the snacks in a stylish and functional container.

Whether you’re waiting for Santa or just want to provide a little holiday cheer, treat tables can be a fun, festive way to bring people together.  Send us pictures of your holiday treat tables for a chance to be featured on our social media sites!

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