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September 23, 2020

Home Linen Inspiration: Table Cover for Oval Tables

THE DINING TABLE. Admit it, it is so much more than a place to eat.  The gathering place, the dumping grounds, the homework station, the home office, the hangout area. You get the picture. Do you ever notice how we humans tend to migrate to the dining table?  Oh, if only your dining table could talk, it would have some stories to tell! Whether your dining room tablecloth serves a purpose of covering a worn out or ugly table, protecting a shiny new table, or adding a touch of style to your décor, it should be beautiful and reflect your personality.


Home Linen Inspiration


With the addition of our home linen collection, finding an affordable and beautiful tablecloth is at your fingertip, with more than ever choices for home dining tables. Many high-end linen companies price similar items four times more than what we offer at Whether you’re using a square, round, rectangle, or oval table, LinenTablecloth carries an assortment of colors and designs to suit your taste.



Home Table Linen: Mother of Lace Tablecloth


Home Table Linens: Floral Tablecloths



 Home Table Linen: Toile de Jouy Tablecloth


If you noticed, oval tables are starting to make a comeback in the last few years after being taken over by round and rectangular in the early 2000’s.  Finding an oval tablecloth in the linen market can be challenging.  Oval tablecloths are not part of our collection just yet,  but who knows what the future holds, as demands grow.  You’ll be excited to know that  rectangular tablecloths are a perfect alternative and afford an eye-catching contrast of drape length.


Home Table Linen: Floral Tablecloths for Home

As you see in this photo, the points drape longer than the sides. You may even like this look better than an oval tablecloth!


Say you’ve browsed through our rectangular tablecloth selection and fallen in love with that perfect one. Now you just need to know if it will fit your oval table.  To find out how it will fit your oval table, first measure the length and the longest point of the table and the width at the widest point of the table. Say you are looking at our 58 x 70 Vernal Windowpane tablecloth (58” is the width), subtract the width of your table from the width of our tablecloth, then divide that by 2. This will be  your drop on the longer edges of your table. Same goes for the length. Subtract your table length from this (that is 70” in this case), then divide by 2. This will be your drop on the shorter side of your table. An ideal drop for a home linen is a range of 5-20 inches.  Keep in mind, for an oval table, the points of the tablecloth will drape longer than the sides.


Home Table Linen for oval tables

Another example of a rectangular tablecloth on an oval table.


No matter what size or shape your dining table is, chances are, we have the perfect high quality, low-priced table covering (or 2, or 3) to suit your unique style and maybe even give everyone at the dinner table one more thing to talk about! 😉

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    1. Hello Jeanine, Thank you for the comment, although not related to the blog, I am happy to help. A 120 in. round tablecloth will work, sort of, not perfectly however. A 70 x 120 might be a better option for you.

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